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11 more summer blockbusters for 2023


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Two weeks ago co-host Bruce Miller offerred up his a list of the top 6 summer blockbuster films to see in 2023.

But there are many more highly anticipated films (including a few already in theaters) that are hoping to draw big audiences this summer. The list includes:

Streamed & Screened is a podcast about movies and TV hosted by Bruce Miller, a longtime entertainment reporter who is now the editor of the Sioux City Journal in Iowa and Terry Lipshetz, a senior producer for Lee Enterprises based in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Welcome everyone to another episode of Streams and Screens and Entertainment Podcast about movies and TV from Lee Enterprises. I’m Terry Lipshetz, a senior producer at Lee and co-host of the program with the star of our blockbuster sequel. Bruce Miller, editor of the Sioux City Journal and longtime entertainment reporter. Bruce, we we exploded a couple of weeks ago, exploded with six movies to watch.

But there’s a lot more than six movies coming out this summer, so we just had to do more. Can I tell you, you have a career as a publicist. You could really sell anything, right? Yes, I can. You make me sound good. Well, that’s like good luck. You were here during the show. Here he is. And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your dining and dining pleasure, please wear one of those.

But there are you know, Memorial Day is usually the start of the big movie summer movie season. And I think I mentioned this before on the on the podcast. It really didn’t start until Jaws. Jaws was the one that kicked off the blockbuster. The concept of the blockbuster. And after that, in 1975, it became this thing that you needed to have big films during the summer that would draw crowds at a In the old days, it was because you got air conditioning.

People wanted to come in. It’s name, but this is a good way to park kids, too. If you don’t want to mess with kids and you don’t have to worry about them, shove them to the theaters. They can watch this. And as long as under PG 13, you’re good. It’s a way to get out of the house. During the hot months of the year.

I mean, most of these movies are not going to win an Oscar. I mean, you might get one or two here. That’s. Yeah, Yeah. Explosions, big bangs. Well, over the more Memorial Day weekend, you will see vast X or vast hand, whichever you prefer to call it, as kind of the one that’s going to dump a lot of things because, you know, Fast and Furious, all they need to do is show up for a party.

They could film the party and they would still get $1,000,000 billion. Right. Yeah. So we’re we’re going to skip over that list of six that we did a couple of weeks ago. A link to that episode is in the show notes. So if there’s a movie that we pass over here, you’re like, Why didn’t they talk about Indiana Jones?

Well, we talk about it already, so no Indiana Jones. We that was in our list of six that you must see. But we’re going to kind of come back now. So guardians of the Galaxy Volume three, it’s already out. So that was kind of the start of this summer’s and is doing very well. It’s not bad. It’s not bad, but it is one of those ones that if you’re starting with three, you won’t know where you are.

So you just have to kind of go with it, enjoy the moment, enjoy the story, and then go back and catch up. All right. Well, I haven’t seen one or two, and to be honest with you, I lost you will be so lost. Is Deadpool in it? I mean, that’s it’s like the only. Well, there are no doubt there are new characters and Groot.

Rooney is this kind of tree that. Yeah, Vin Diesel is the voice I rude, but that’s all he said. I am Groot. So you see how. How are you doing that? I am Groot, and it’s just different inflections that he uses. But in earlier editions, this is your spoiler alert. He had to be regenerated. So he’s a little baby Groot, and now he’s back to being full sized Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy three.

So I am Groot. So Vin Diesel is Groot, and he just says that and he probably gets paid $20 million. Can you believe it? We are in the wrong business. All we had to do was say one line, and I didn’t even need to memorize it. And. Yeah, and you get big bucks and he’s a breakout character. It’s one you want.

But the movie belongs to Rocket the Raccoon, and that’s played by Bradley Cooper or voiced by Bradley Cooper, Brad Little Rocket Raccoon suit and pretend like he’s he’s one but yeah and he’s good and it’s his story and then you see what happens to him in the course of this. Well the other guardians try to help him through his crisis.

The other movie that and we touched on this a little bit that I’m kind of excited for is either fast facts are facts ten, whatever you want to call it, which is the penultimate installment to the series, which has been going on for eons now. I was at the Super Mario Brothers movie with one of my daughters a couple of weeks ago and during the trailers they had a trailer for Fast X and my daughter is looking at it and she seems kind of like mildly interested like that might be interesting to see, but probably not.

And I said to her, I’m like, okay, see, this is a series of movies that Dad likes to watch, but it’s completely ridiculous now. It’s like completely jumped the shark because originally it was just like an FBI agent race. It’s Oh, right. He’s going after a bunch of bad guys who are like racing cars and stealing things, and now they’re sending cars into outer space.

It’s completely ridiculous. But, you know, every episode they add somebody else in another action star. This time it’s Jason Momoa. We’re adding some legitimacy with some Oscar winners with Rita moreno and Brie Larson. So we’re this is this is an Oscar movie, right? Is that what we’re we’re going to see here high toned right there, But that, you know, count the lines that some of these actors get.

They barely speak. It’s all action. And I swear they work a week. They probably go in a week, record, whatever they need, and then everything is created around them because all those car chases, those aren’t they aren’t actually racing those cars. They’re done in special effects. And so, you know, unless you have a director who comes out and says, No, we really did do this, it’s special effects and if you stay at the end of the movie where it must be 2 hours of just in the list credits, you know that somebody else is drawing those cars.

Yeah. The real stars of the show are sitting in a in a climate controlled computer room, probably with carpal tunnel and all the. Yeah, all the all the hand movements they’re going through to to try to do that stuff. Another movie that’s coming out May 26, The Little Mermaid. Now this is the live action version of it. You have Ali Bailey as Ariel, Melissa McCarthy as Ursula.

Have you seen it or what are your thoughts? I’m out of fence about it because I know that people have raved and said, Oh, it’s just wonderful. That’s great. I don’t like taking an animated film and turning it into a live action. I really don’t. I they’ve done it with Lion King, Jungle Book. You name a Disney, if they’ve made an animated one, get ready, because they’re coming out with a live action one pretty soon because it’s another way to make money.

They’ve added some songs. Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing some stuff for this. He grew up with the original Little Mermaid. Love The Little Mermaid. But I. I don’t know. When you look at Flounder and Sebastian. Scary, scary, if you ask me now, The Little Mermaid, she could be great. But I just I don’t know that it needed to be done and time will tell.

We’ll see what happens with this. I saw the live action of The Lion King. We went to a drive in theater, actually, and saw that a few years ago when it came out, it was okay. I, I didn’t see the point of doing it other than Disney was just looking at a new avenue to make money. Mulan, which was the I think that went pretty much straight to Disney Plus where they did it was during, I think during the pandemic.

Yeah, they tried to get you to buy it first and then that didn’t quite work. So then they just released on Disney. Plus it’s become a running joke in my house because we watched it on New Year’s Eve that year, and my wife says to me, It’s like I fell asleep in it, like right after that scene with the chicken.

And then I said to her there was a chicken because I, I fell asleep before the chair. And the chicken was like 2 minutes into the movie, I guess. So it’s like, it’s like the credits, roll the movie, hit the screen and then I was out cold. I have no recollection of that film whatsoever. But you notice how sometimes that movie is a good nap.

Yeah. Boy, I can go to the theater and as like. And I’m out. And maybe it’s just the atmosphere. You’re in a soft chair, the lights are out, you know, you have somebody talking in the background, but you don’t really pay attention. That’s what that’s about. It could be. But I think the jury is out on The Little Mermaid.

I don’t think that we have a verdict yet another one that’s coming out shortly after that. And I’m kind of kicking myself. I feel like I need to go and see it because, you know, it’s one that I probably meant to watch initially. And I just for whatever missed it was the Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse Yeah, into this break was the first one and it won the Bear Best picture.

It was wonderful because it it doesn’t have a Spider-Man like you think. And there are so many other elements to it. I watched it on a plane and I thought, Well, this is one I haven’t seen. Let’s catch up. And I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen it in the theater because it is good. It is really well-done.

The storytelling is wonderful. And I have every confidence that because the same people are involved, this one’s going to be good, too. Yeah, I have to go back and watch it because I and we’ve talked about this before, I’m not a huge comic book person, with a few exceptions, a little bit of Batman, a little bit of Superman.

And I do like, you know, some of the Spider-Man movies, But just for whatever reason that kind of came out, I meant to see it and I just didn’t. So I’m going to try to get back and watch the original and then maybe even get to the theater this summer and check out that one when they get to some of those super those Marvel superheroes like Doctor Strange.

Oh, Pass. I do not need some of those ones in my life. And I think they need to be a little more discriminatory in what they’re bringing out because honestly, they just don’t throw everything at us. It’s the same story. Basically, they’re just wearing goofy costumes, but this is a good way of taking I tried thing and really flipping it because there are many spider verses, and I think the last Spider-Man film learned a lot from the first animated version of this.

So now the next film on my list, I have I have not say, you want to see this, I am disowning you. This is Transformers Cancer. And those films I hate the Ones Rise of the Beast, you name. I have a confession to make. Not that this is you probably respect me more. I have never seen any of those Transformers movies I flipped one on one time.

It was on maybe HBO or Showtime. It was, you know, Long Pass at the theaters. And I flipped it on briefly. And I think it was on for about 30 seconds. And I went, Nope, clicked it off. It was just so, so bad. I mean, I see the concept. It was based on a toy. And the toy was you could turn a toy into like a a big robot is one of them.

And it was like car you, you it’s like a Rubik’s cube. You kind of move a little bit and then it becomes something else. But what’s the story? Well, there is no there is none. No. Right. It’s just the the thing turning into whatever. Optimus Prime was the king of all of that. And I frankly, I do not care what happens to Optimus or any of his brands.

And I thought that once we hit the scrapheap, we were done with up. But apparently not because they’re bad. Well, they obviously make money if they keep making them. We know nothing. We know nothing. It’s huge. You probably need to go back and do all this and read or see all those and you’ll say, Oh, I really think I need to see more of that.

No, I know. I’m going to completely skip that one and but it’ll probably make a ton of money. Is that going to be one where it will make it’ll make like $100 million the first week, but then lose 75% of its box office will be number one the week it opens. They always are. And then it dwindles from there.

And that is one of those kind of like, well, let’s send the kids to this. It can’t be too much. You know, it’s not going to hurt them. Let’s send the it’s a that’s that’s what rules all these kind of things because you got who would make this you had that kind of money to spend on a film and this is what you’re coming up with.

There’s no I did read I think one of them came out when the writers were on strike in dozen years ago, and it doesn’t. Yeah, that was basically the thing. It’s like we’re just blowing things up. It really didn’t matter. They just they just kind of went ahead and and did it anyway. They throw in a narration at that a long time ago, it a century which we were an end.

This is happening and the world was coming to an end. But we had Optimus Prime and that badly frozen crap like they had on it and that’s they get, they get people watching Stupid Night. So the next movie on my list here comes out a week later. My guess is it will not make a ton of money limited really as you age, but it’s one that I want to see.

Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Jeffrey Wright, Margot Robbie, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton. Cast like that can only mean one thing. It’s Wes. Wes Anderson. Yeah, yeah. And it’s set in 1955, so that gives you another little boost. And it’s about a science fiction convention. So it’s like, God, there’s a lot here to pick of a lot of things that you could.

It reminds me just on first glance of Hello tomorrow, if you’ve seen that show on, on streaming, yeah, this is on Apple. But it’s about one of those kind of things where they’re wanting to send trips to the moon and there’s, you know, and how people were all kind of all in on space travel. But something happens at this convention and it changes things.

And then I don’t want to spill anymore. The only I think real notable thing out of that, no. Bill Murray, It’s like the first Wes Anderson movie in 20 years or more that that does not have. Bill Murray I read that he had COVID and had to be replaced by Steve Carell. He works though. NASIR can make it.

Let’s get Steve Yeah, right. So. Well, I think it now will be one that people who are kind of movie snobs will say, Oh, wonderful film, loved it. It was great. It was great. And yes, fabulous film. In the third hour. It was very, very, you know, that kind of stuff. But it’s about the funny thing is I watch a lot of my movie trailers on YouTube.

So then when you watch something on YouTube, you start getting recommended videos to watch. After that, I started getting hit by these YouTube recommendations for these fake trailers to Wes Anderson movies where it’s like Wes Anderson reimagines Star Wars and it has like this ridiculous concept of a movie. And then, you know, like each person that’s playing like Owen Wilson is Darth Vader and Bill Murray plays AI.

Whoever Obi-Wan Kenobi, those are great and they are hilarious. A.I. is going to help them the most. So if we can make that, you know, really blow up, it’s because air has made it easier to do. Exactly. So side note, go to YouTube, check out the trailers for the Wes Anderson Star Wars movie. There was one for I think it was Lord of the Rings, and there might have even been like a Harry Potter one, too.

And they look hilarious. I would pay good money to see Wes Anderson reimagined any of those films. We talked about this next film a little bit last week on our episode, Joy Ride out July 7th, kind of like a hangover type or film concept, but it’s it’s starring a bunch of female actors Ashley Park, Stephanie Shue, Terry Cole, Sabrina Woo.

It is directed by Adele Lim, who co-wrote Crazy Rich Asians. So that looks interesting. It looks like a fun movie. Yeah, it’ll be a fun trip, a romp. And I think this is your, you know, each like I say, you can put these in categories. These are the girls are going out movies. Mom wants to get out with her girlfriends.

They’re going to have a couple of drinks before we go to the movie. We might have dinner, we might go shopping. This is your movie? Exactly. I guess this next one is a completely opposite direction and it’s probably going to be a huge one this summer. And it was one that I thought might have made your list know when you did you your sex and you know, didn’t.

The reason I’m not on that list is because it’s part one. Same with Dune. Dune was a part one and it drives me insane that they would split these things up. I would rather sit for 4 hours and see the whole thing than to have to wait a whole year to get the next part. What happens if you’re hit by a truck in that next year and you never saw the end of it?

Doesn’t make sense. So that’s a good point. So Mission Impossible, Dead Reckoning, Part one out July 12th. So this is supposed to be the final two installments of Tom Cruise’s journey through Mission Impossible. First off, do you believe that? Are these really going to be the last? And this was the one where he got mad at the crew and he yelled at them and said, come on, we’ve got to make this, you know, anything?

Well, maybe not. Maybe we don’t need to. But we’ll see what happens. I’m sure that it’ll end at a very crucial point, and then we’ll be ready for the next one next year. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s okay. It can go without me. It is what it is. And a Tom Cruise proving that he can do stand still.

I, I don’t need to know that. I don’t need to know that he can jump across a building to another building. I don’t need to see him hanging out of a an airplane or climbing the top of a building. I don’t need any of that because I know you can do it. But why? What’s the point? And besides, Mission Impossible, we used to watch us as kids.

It was a TV show and at the end of the instructions, the cassette started burning in the cassette player and it was like, Your mission, should you decide, is to accept it, you know? And then we will disavow any knowledge of your existence. If this goes badly. And then they send people out. One person puts a mask on and suddenly you’ve got this big hoo ha.

Well, they had how many years of Mission Impossible. So if he really wanted to keep doing it, there’s enough copy there that they could just pilfer. My suspicion on this one is that they’re they’re going to continue the story. It’s almost going to turn into a James Bond situation where it’s going to live in perpetuity because you can just kind of recast the role.

I mean, we’ve we’ve been through like six James Bonds now and they’re still fine. I love the James Bond series, and I’ve always enjoyed the Mission Impossible series. So I feel like it’s just going to kind of move on and Ethan Hunt will go away. Yeah, exactly. Now, so and nobody else. Yeah. Yeah. It’ll make a ton of money, you know, 500 million and.

And we’ll get excited or I’ll get excited. You won’t. But, you know, now that’s we’re on the set of They had Mission impossible one of the earlier ones in four D Have you ever that. No. Well it’s a 3D film but they also have like the seats move. Oh, so they kind of shake you during those rate times Every It would’ve been perfect to an earthquake.

Now, I know you’re too young to ever have been when earthquake was here, but he had what was called sense around and all they did was basically turn up the speakers in the theater. But you thought the theater is falling apart. Oh, my God. It sounds like it’s all but it’s is one of those he’s so this bawdy is a way to kind of like it’s a ride, it’s erratic and it’s fun.

Yeah, I’ve been to a couple of things similar to that. We’re looking at where the aquarium in Chicago. I think that’s one of them, where you go, you sit in your chair and you watch a movie about whales, and then the whale goes flying out of the water and then hits the ocean and then you get separated by phase.

Yeah, Yeah. So that would be kind of fun. And the sound, too sound is the evening at the theaters were rigged for the best sound. You’d have them start in one end, and then you hear them kind of walking all around you and you go, Oh, what is this? This is kind of different. But I don’t know if the average screening of Mission Impossible is going to have all that kind of detail.

Just know he’s going to be hanging off something, skipping ahead a little bit now to August. August 4th, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mutant Mayhem, is it? I don’t know what to think about that. Yeah, it’s animated. I’m not sure what to think about this. This might be just like a summer animated film to get kids out. Do kids still like the Turtles?

I don’t know. See, I think the Turtles in had their day and I think the turtles would resonate more with dad than they might with the kids, because, you know, it is what it is. Yeah. Yeah. When I was when I was sitting in Mario Brothers, this was another one of those trailers that aired. And I kind of got mildly excited at first, Lego Ninja Turtles, and but then I’m thinking myself, Do I really want to see this?

And I don’t know. I like this one. It’s they’re going to be a complete box office disaster or it’s going to make 200 million and people are going to be like, Oh, look at that. It just knocked off Mario Brothers is as this big movie. Well, and when they try to make them look too realistic, I think they ruin it.

I think this one’s going back to the real kind of and drawn look. Yes. Yeah. Well, I think that might be in its favor. You know, it’s really weird. A number of years ago, I went on a Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World with a little boy. From here. He was maybe four or five, yet he had cancer. And his wish was he wanted to meet the Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And they were at the Disney MGM Studios at the time, or whatever it’s called now. I think it’s called Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Okay. And they were they’re doing like a stunt show, whatever. And he wanted to see the Turtles. Well, we all we went to this thing and the turtles were like greeting people, high fiving up. It was really cool.

And the little boy who had been very ill, he was not feeling well that day. He started to come to light. He was like, Oh my God, it’s the turtles. The turtles are here. And his mother said, Just wait. They’re going to come over and see you. And he was so thrilled. And they came over and they hugged him and they lifted him up.

And they they really they had a moment and his mom said already, ask your question. And the little boy said, Oh, he said, I don’t know. And he said, no. She said, go ahead, ask that question. And the question was, Will you watch over me at night because I’m afraid of cancer. And he has a poster in his room of the Turtles.

And they said, yes. And he was so thrilled. And I swear that he helped that kid through all of this kind of situation. So as much as I might bad mouth the turtles, I had a moment where the turtles gave a little boy hope. And I loved that. And I live with that story all the time because you never know what kind of thing someone might say that could make your day just a little bit better.

Yeah. Wow, that’s great. So there’s my turtle story. There’s your turtle story. Wow. You’ll see Bruce, if you come with that turtle story one more time. Right. We’ve got a couple more on this list. This next one, I’m not I’m kind of very surprised because I’m taking credit for some of these because I know I made my some of those bad movies that you get terrified.

Oh, that’s right, Granturismo out August 11th. Now, this is kind of an interesting one. I used to play the video game when I was in college. Yeah, Yeah. So it’s like it’s another one of these, you know, because we saw Last of US on HBO, which was based on a video game, and that’s what Granturismo was. It was a it’s a racing game, but it’s also based on a true story for the movie of a of a racecar driver.

And it stars or costars David Harbor from Stranger Things. So I, I don’t know what to make of this one. It’s like it might do well, it could be terrible. Well, what do you do? What’s the goal? You just drive. You just drive. You drive and you win. Well, how is that a story? Well, is it Ford versus Ferrari?

I mean, if a dad and I actually had a real race is in it. So what’s the deal? Yes. I mean, Granturismo it’s listed as an upcoming American biographical coming of age sports drama. So it’s based on reality. So, yeah, okay, let’s go for it. This is not too far afield from past eggs. You know, that’s what that was when it first started out.

Remember where they were not did you recall old things but Fast and Furious? The Fast and the Furious based in various Tokyo Drift Ohio draft. Yes. All those. Wait, that must be the most work they put in on those movies is trying to figure out what we’re going to call this thing. You know, we’ve already dropped the articles, so we can’t use that.

We’re going to add some more. The best of the various, you know, really, really fast and super duper furious. So, see, Granturismo could take over for that good. And it could grander, too. Rees-Mogg The next I feel like it’s going to be an interesting one to just keep an eye on because it is on one hand, it’s like based on a video game, On another hand, it’s based on reality.

I don’t know, you know, if uppers down or what. Okay. As a person who does video games, when you see a film based on a video game, does it get you excited because they’re kind of doing a better job of visualizing what’s on a video game, or do you feel like you want to control it? Yeah, I don’t know because I haven’t played a lot of video games since becoming a parent.

And, you know, it’s something I did when I was a kid and through college and kind of even my early marriage years. But I just to me, video games is just an escape and you kind of sit there. My I have a brother that really like the last of us because he played the video game and he said it was pretty much, you know, they made some changes here or there that because the video game aspect of it wouldn’t work on TV or vice versa.

But he enjoyed it. And, you know, I like I just I played the original game. It was a Sony PlayStation game and eon ago and I always enjoyed playing it with my college roommates and we did it. But yeah, I don’t I don’t it’s I’m so far removed from it now. I don’t know what to make of it.

I’m back from the days of Pong, so, you know, Pong. When will there be a movie? Could that be a movie somewhere, I think, Or a little pad opening across the screen? Yeah, Well, boom, boom, boom. That’s a blue beetle is another one that’s coming out, and that’s a superhero one. Yeah, That was the last one on my list here.

So, you know, we are coming to the end of this episode that’s out August 18th. It’s a DC Universe movie. This is on my list to not see because I’m just I have just no interest in it. I’ve never. What are your thoughts, Needle? You know, and I think it just takes all it takes is a good film and if it’s done well, people will come and see it.

If it’s a bomb. We’ve seen the last of the blue beetle. They won’t try to reboot it. There’s too many other things that are hanging out there that they could do, but it’s DC, so who knows? You know, is looking for something that’s going to bring them in. I still am going with the Flash, though. The Flash is going to be their big summer thing.

Yeah, yeah. The Flash is really the only superhero movie I’m interested in seeing this summer and Beetle and it. Yeah, yeah, that’s a that’s a different. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Superhero, I guess. Comic book movie. Yeah. If I’m going to go comics, that’s really the only The Flash is the only one I’ve any interest in seeing. You know, I loved Jaws and Jurassic Park.

I really enjoyed those this summer. All the bad iterations of Jurassic Park, I, I enjoyed it because it is like you are going somewhere else and you know that when it’s over, you’ll get out. Yeah. During the moment that you’re in the middle of the whole whatever. It’s fun to be in that, that environment. And I think that’s what we like.

I mean, it’s like going to a theme park. You could have a great day or you could have a really bad day depending on what rides you get on. And, you know, with these, these rides are going to be pretty well engineered. Yep. So I think that’s yeah, that’s what we’re missing from this summer’s list is we need something like that.

I don’t think the Transformers is going to be that Jurassic Park jaws kind of experi and said thrill. And you need to have that kind of scariness where you know you’re going down a and a hallway and you think something might be behind you. Then you turn around. There’s nothing there, and then you look the other direction and there it is.

I think that’s that was what’s so fun about those films, is they really are serials for the 21st century. I think my take away on this summer is last year Top Gun got me back into the theater, but there wasn’t a whole lot else that got me back into the theater. And I actually looked at my my purchase history in the app and I went to see Top Gun.

Then I went to see Avatar and now I just went to see Mario Brothers. Those are the last three movies I’ve seen since that final Star Wars movie came out in £29 since since the pandemic. And it’s just been a combination of some just, you know, things going on in life and, you know, family things that they got to get done.

So I just haven’t been able to get to the theater. But I also think it speaks a little bit to the lack of really good films that have wanted that I’ve wanted to go and see, especially since I think the one thing the pandemic did is, is I learned that I could just sit on my couch and watch movies over a over 65 inch TV.

I’m sitting really close to it, so it’s not a whole lot different. And I have the comforts of home and I’m not paying ten bucks a ticket and, you know, $10 for a bucket of popcorn. And I could just watch these things. I’m already paying for them anyway, through my streaming service. Yet streaming has changed their world and I think you need to have event programing.

It’s got to be really big to get you to get out of the house and go to the theater and they can’t throw it on streaming right away. They really have to hold it. That’s what Topgun did a marvelous job of holding it from that that crowd for a while, so that then you had to go to the theater to see things.

And I think more could be that way. I thought air could have been in theaters for a long time before I went to Amazon Prime. So, you know, who knows what it is. But I think it is a game changer and they’ve got to watch that. And you have to look for the the big hits. The big hits are what people will go to the movies for.

All right. Sounds good. So we’re going to wrap up the show. Thank you once again for listening to streamed and screened. And we will be back again next week.


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