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23-year-old Dakota Early underwent several surgeries after she was shot in Lincoln Park


CHICAGO (CBS) – Another operation was performed on Dakota Early on Monday, three days after he was shot and seriously injured in a robbery in Lincoln Park.

23-year-old guy a student of culinary arts was shot at close range during a robbery on Wayne Avenue and Webster early Friday morning. According to Fr. GoFundMe, Early underwent abdominal surgery. He was also expected to have his left foot amputated, but his family said his foot had improved after being connected to an oxygen machine, and it is unknown at this time whether the amputation will continue.

The decision will be made in the coming days, the family said.

According to a relative, doctors had already had to remove part of Early’s colon and most of his jaw during previous surgeries.

Early was walking down Wayne Avenue near Webster Avenue about 3 a.m. Friday when the robber came out of hiding and pointed a gun at him. Giving the criminal the bag, Early reached for the gun, and both fell to the ground, fighting for the gun.

A second robber, also armed with a gun, ran up; and if the victim fought the first robber, you can hear one of them require you to enter a password on your phone. Then the first robber shot the victim and took his mobile phone.

As the victim lay on the ground, the robber again asked his access code before shooting him a second time. After the victim asks for the access code again, the victim, before screaming in pain, tells him a few numbers, and the robber shoots him a third time while he is still lying on the street.

He was taken to a Masonic medical center by a Illinois lawyer in critical condition with two gunshot wounds to the back and one gunshot wound to the head as a result of partial loss of his colon.

A source told CBS 2 that police found the suspect’s car.


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