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64-year-old landscape designer killed in 26-year-old shooting


CHICAGO (CBS) – Lansing shares her grief and sorrow after losing her husband, an innocent victim of gun violence in Chicago. There was 64-year-old Larry Purnell killed by a mad bullet as he mowed the yard to celebrate Mother’s Day when he was shot.

Pernell, also known as the Great Goldie in his family, was known as a man who wanted to help protect children from violence. He invited them to get acquainted with the landscaping.

Now his wife is torn and says she can no longer survive such pain.

Through tears and laughter she and her family remembered the good times. The couple was a favorite of high school.

Larry was one of 13 siblings.

“He always helped someone,” said his sister Jacqueline Pernell. “He always helped me. I’m his younger sister, so he always helped me.”

Sharon and Larry Purnell are inseparable from teenagers.

“I’ve been with him since I was 14 and I’m 60,” she said.

Over the past five years, Larry has opened his own lawn care company.

“He wanted to help the people in the community and bring the young people back from Harvey, which didn’t give much,” Sharon said.

Larry was shot dead Saturday afternoon in West Pullman. He was mowing the yard for the family’s Mother’s Day celebration when he heard gunshots and received a blow to the chest.

26-year-old Brandon Slater was fatally shot in front of his mother’s house. His 27-year-old friend was also injured in the leg.

Sharon said Larry’s business moved him all over Chicagoland.

“He enjoyed working with the community, and it wasn’t just here in the suburbs. He went to work in the city all the time, and, unfortunately, he was in the wrong place and at the wrong time, ”she said through tears.

Just five years ago, Sharon lost her son to gun violence.

“I won’t even beat my child,” she said. “To bury my husband here on Mother’s Day. He should have been here with me. ”

Larry was only two weeks away from turning 65.

As the family continues to grieve, they are asking to stop this gun violence. Sharon said she will continue to fight for answers for the death of her son, like us and her husband.


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