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72-year-old woman shot on sidewalk on busy Broadway in East Lakeview


CHICAGO (CBS) – An elderly woman was shot and wounded on Thursday afternoon on a busy Broadway in East Lakeview in broad daylight.

At 1:36 p.m., a 72-year-old woman was shot in the upper left thigh on Broadway near Briar Place, police said. The crime scene is next to the Wilde Bar and Restaurant, Dance on Broadway and the main office of the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce.

The woman was walking on the sidewalk when she heard gunshots and felt pain. Police do not specify where the shots are believed to have come from.

The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce said the victim was awake and alert when she was taken to hospital.

“We are working with the CPD to obtain personnel for this senseless crime in order to achieve justice for the victim,” the cell said. “Currently, the western part of Broadway near Briar is still recorded as an active crime scene, and our office will be closed until the end of the day.”

Employees of nearby businesses said they heard one shot and went out to find the woman on the ground.

Trisha Kurtz, an employee of the Johnny Sprockets bike shop at 3140 N. Broadway, said she was trained to provide first aid. She said that when she came to the woman, she asked her if it was possible to apply a bandage to the wound and a compress. So she did until the ambulance arrived.

Kurtz told Jackie Costek of CBS 2 that the victim was with two women who appear to have been about 30 and a baby in a stroller.

“She didn’t look upset. She seemed more worried that the baby was crying. She was telling her niece and all, ‘I’m fine.’ It’s all right, “Kurtz said.

A bicycle store employee intervened after a woman was shot dead in East Lakeview


The shooting location is less than a mile from Happy Camper Wrigleyville at 3458 N. Clark St., outside of which Officer Hermione Beltran was shot dead. last Sunday night. There is no indication that the crimes are related.

As of Thursday afternoon, no one was in custody. Detectives of District Three are conducting an investigation.

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