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“A living nation must be destroyed,” says New Jersey Congressman – deadline


According to Democratic Congressman from New Jersey Bill Pascrell, the giant in promoting Live Nation concerts must be stopped.

Pascrel cites the recent attack on comedian Dave Chapel and the tragedy of Travis Scott in the otherworld, which resulted in the deaths of 10 people and numerous injuries.

“Since 2006, there have been about 200 deaths and 750 injuries at Live Nation events,” said Bill Pascrell. New York Post. “Haven’t security measures improved? Did the living nation silence the organizers? I want answers. I think the public deserves to know. “

Pascrel claimed to have written to the Federal Trade Commission and the Ministry of Justice in March. In his letter, he referred to the need to cancel mergers such as the Live Nation and Tickermaster merger in 2010.

Following this merger, Live Nation controls approximately 85% of the live music process, ranging from ticket purchase, venue ownership, show planning and promotion.

After Astroworld’s tragedy the members House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform wrote Live Nation in December 2021: “Reports indicate that security and medical staff were inexperienced or poorly equipped to deal with mass injuries. Some participants said the location of the barricades made it difficult to escape. Experts stated that the organizers of the Astroworld festival did not pay attention to the warning signs. “

Live Nation has also been involved in various incidents that have caused many fines for security concerns.

“They can double the profits, and they still haven’t done anything for the safety of the people who go to their concerts,” Pascrel said. “The results of the disaster are obvious in terms of how many people died. They must be brought to justice, as in any other case. “

Live Nation has not yet responded to the congressman’s allegations.


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