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A Practical Guide of Everything you Need to Know about Custom Silicone


The world of custom silicone is a really hard one and you are most likely going to need a guide to know everything you really need to know about it. It is not easy to understand all the processes but rest assured that companies like Newtop Rubber will be there to help you achieve success in your business.

Newtop is one of the most experienced silicone manufacturers in China and they have provided over 500,000 pieces of custom silicone products with the highest quality to companies that offer consumer goods every year and all over the world.

So once you decide that they are the right choice for you from them you will not only get the most reasonable prices possible but also one of the most comprehensive and attentive services for their customized silicone solutions.

Their OEM service will cover the entire life cycle of your custom silicone products, this means it will include the design, making the molds, testing prototypes, molding, printing, packaging, etc. and it all can be customized according to the specific needs of your business.

As an experienced silicone products manufacturer, they also have extensive manufacturing capabilities and have also optimized their processes in-house, so they can accept literally any form of complex custom orders and turn them into products, in the most efficient way, which helps you grow your business.

After you contact them, their process will start with their expert design team. They have a team of very experienced silicone product designers and they are very good at designing even the most complex products. All you have to do is tell them your requirements and they’ll make sure they come to life.

They will discuss with their customers, meaning you, the concept and the function of the silicone products. And then, they will build digital models that will make your project be clearer and better for evaluation. All of this is done so they can make sure that not only your products are cost-effective, but also manufacturable.

It is important to know what their design services include. It does include, drafting the concept design, CAD modeling, adjustments, DFM review, and of course, review of the cost.

Next is the product label customization solution. Newtop knows that labels can totally convey a brand’s value and message to its customers. You must know that getting your logo printed on a product is totally the best choice to enhance the recognition of your brand. And at Newtop they are going to be able to print anything you want.

Their printing methods include the following: texture printing, pad and screen printing, laser engraving, epoxy printing and debossed and embossed logos.

They also offer a very flexible choice of silicone materials. At Newtop they will help you select the material with the best performance material for your projects, thanks to their internal material laboratory. They will also provide you with a big variety of silicone materials of the highest quality that have different characteristics. This will allow you to customize the appearance and performance properties of each material.

Their customizable sections include elasticity, color, translucency, hardness, tightness, corrosion, and high-temperature resistance, etc.

They also provide in-house precision tooling. Newtop can thank their in-house mold-making workshop to be able to respond with flexibility to their customers modification needs. They manufacture molds by EDM and CNC, which reduces mold production times and costs. If what you need is smooth or textured parts, they also have the corresponding capabilities to get mold surface treatment.

Their tooling capabilities also include: using various mold materials, mold designs, mold surface treatment, making molds, testing and debugging them, and also prototyping.

And finally, and most importantly, they will offer you quality assurance for your customized products. They are an ISO-certified factory and have also passed not only FDA, but CE, CPC, and many other certifications. Besides they have adopted a very strict internal quality supervision system and all of their products always undergo the most meticulous inspections, ensuring that the products effectively meet the quality expectations.

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