Home Lifestyle An armed man was shot dead in Romeoville’s bank

An armed man was shot dead in Romeoville’s bank


CHICAGO (CBS) – The man was killed after authorities at the scene of a bank in Romeoville, where gunmen entered the building.

It happened around 3:40 p.m., when Romeoville police responded to a call at Fifth Third Bank, located at 275 S Weber Road.

Law enforcement officers found a man with a firearm. There are no other people in the bank. Authorities said the suspect spoke to police, a social worker and a negotiator at the scene.

Authorities said it was a single incident, not a bank robbery. Weber Road was closed for security reasons from Highpoint Drive to Airport Road, but has now reopened.

Police said they were able to contact a man who allowed hostages at the bank to leave the building.

Witnesses said the man did have a firearm, and he “several times” used the weapon in a bank. Will County Special Forces released Romeoville officers. The riot police, according to Romeoville authorities, “collided with a person and one shot was fired by a Will County riot police officer. The gunman was taken to hospital where he later died.

Illinois police have been questioned and are conducting an investigation.


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