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Andrew Vaughn heads to White Sox’s 10-day injury list after missing five games


CHICAGO (CBS) – If the White Sox are going to win the fourth game in a row in the final season when they visit the Boston Red Sox on Friday, they will have to do it the same way they won the last three – without Andrew Vaughn.

The outfielder was on the injured list 10 days after missing the last five games due to being hit on the field.

While the x-ray and MRI came back clean, Vaughn changed somewhat, and the soreness was not arousing.

Infield Danny Mendick has been recalled from Triple-A to take a spot on Vaughn’s list.

Vaughn is disappointed that he needs to play a waiting game.

“It was okay, I mean progress, but it still hurts when I wave very hard. It kind of keeps me from waving because of the pain. I feel it all the time. It’s not the best place to get hit.” I mean, a lot of guys get there and break down, so I’m very lucky it didn’t break, ”Vaughn said. “But I want to play there. I want to help my team, and it stinks that I can’t be there.”

This continues to be the next man’s mentality for the Sox, who have been dealing with a host of injuries since the start of the season.

But right fielder Gavin Sheats is holding his chin.

“We just have a club of this type. You know, we’re close. We’re all fighting for the same thing, and you know, this is the next guy. And that’s what we did last year, and that’s what we’re going to do this year, ”Liszt said. “You know, I think it made us stronger late last year, and the same thing this year. We’re going to go through it and we’re going through it now. That’s all, we’re going to be better than ever.”


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