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Antioch Missionary Baptist Church vows to rebuild in Englewood after Good Friday fire


CHICAGO (CBS) – The church will rise again. How destruction begins at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Englewood after devastating firechurch leaders discuss recovery plans.

Muga Adygwe of CBS 2 reports that fragments of the church are being destroyed in a process of painstaking demolition that could take a week or two.

But one thing is clear: the restoration of the historic church of Englewood has great support.

Lead Pastor Gerald Dew said the church will return to Englewood soon.

“We’re not going to raise it in another community. We’re going to raise it right here. Because our job is Englewood. Our commitment to the people of Englewood and beyond,” he said.

Meanwhile, however, Dave said he was told the only thing that could be saved was a cross sign from the church. Everything else must fall.

Only yesterday, city officials announced plans to demolish the building.

Damage from the fire made the remaining walls dangerous, and the fire department said any major gust of wind could demolish them.

As for the rest of the facade – our Sabrina Franza reports that the fresco of Jesus, which withstood the massive fire on Good Friday, does not withstand. The city ordered it demolished.

“So it’s all broken?” “Absolutely.”

Other pastors from different churches came to say …

“You’re not alone in this.”

Pastor Walter Turner, president of the Chicago Baptist Institute, came to the place to stand with the church.

“We come to stand with our brother, but we come with our sister church. This is a church that many of us have taught to know what the service of social justice is, ”Turner said.

Even as the destruction continues, faith and determination for the new church in Englewood are strong.

“I am reminded of the words of Jesus in the second chapter of the Gospel of John, who said, ‘Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up again.’ And they thought he was talking about the building, but he was talking about his body, but in my context I’m talking about the building because you’re destroying it and we’re going to raise it again, ”Dew said.

Dew said the congregation will continue to meet and worship at the tomb in Callahan, where Easter services were held in Antioch on Sunday after additional alarm the fire destroyed the Antiochian Missionary Baptist Church for hours after the service on Good Friday at the church.

The pastor said that thanks to the mayor and Chicago public schools, it is planned to turn the auditorium at Urban Prep High School across the road into space for Antioch, at least until a new church is built.

Dew said the construction of the new church would take at least two years.

Donations can be made through the church’s website at ambcchicago.org/giveon Givevia Zelle transfer to antiochchurchchicago@gmail.com, or by mail to 611 W. 63rd Ave Suite 012, Chicago, 60621 (please pay checks to the Antiochian Missionary Baptist Church).

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