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Apex Legends may get fewer characters in the future when the game reaches a “breaking point”


Since the release of the game in 2019. Apex Legends updates have been released like clockwork, and each new season includes a new legend to play. But will it be so forever? Most hero shooters or other games with live services that are heavily dependent on the characters eventually reach a point where trying to create something new and unique that is part of the overall meta-game becomes increasingly difficult. Mostly because games like Overwatch eventually stop releasing new characters at the usual pace. Although this has not yet happened with Apex Legends, it seems that the slowdown in the rate of appearance of new characters has been discussed in the developers Respawn and Respawn Vancouver.

According to leading Apex character designer Devan McGuire it is becoming increasingly difficult to create legends that are “unique, not overpowering or too niche”, and eventually they may reach a “breaking point” when regular seasonal releases of characters no longer make sense …

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Whether this model will continue or not is an ongoing debate, and it may not change, but we do not want to saturate the pool. [of Legends].

This, of course, makes sense, although Apex Legends probably still has some ways to reach this “breaking point” – the game currently has only 20 legends (currently in Overwatch 32). At the moment, most of the new characters being added to the game still seem to be pretty well received, so big changes probably aren’t there yet. At the moment, the regular drumming of the new Legends will continue, and next season, “Saviors” among other features will be added a new defensive character Newcastle. You can get more information about him and the rest of next season’s Apex Legends, right here.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and Switch. The season of rescuers starts on May 10. What do you think about this? Would you agree that the flow of new characters is eventually declining?


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