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(NBC Chicago) — The bears spent the week listing ways Saturday’s severe winter weather could affect their game plan when the Bills travel to Chicago. Fans braving the elements at Soldier Field will also have to make some changes, the team announced Thursday.

“Winter storms can bring unpredictable factors that affect Chicago Bears home games and create unique challenges for fans to experience a game at Soldier Field,” the team said in a statement. “Severe weather is forecast for northern Illinois starting Thursday. With extreme temperatures and dangerous winds in the forecast, fans can stay safe and root for the players when they take on the Buffalo Bills this Saturday, December 24th.”

The Bears will help keep fans warm by offering hot chocolate and coffee throughout the stadium and through field vendors. In addition, there will be warming stations for fans at the Gate 31 Plaza behind Section 146 and on the service level in the Southwest Tunnel off the Dr. Patio. Pepper Patio. The team also allows battery-powered clothing.

The Bears also limit the number of fans. Tents, flags, campfires or open flames, or any cooking or frying oil, including deep fryers, infrared panels or propane heaters, are prohibited. Canopies, umbrellas, balloons and other oversized inflatable items are also not permitted. The team has left open the possibility of further restrictions on grilling due to high winds, and the use of charcoal grills is strongly discouraged.

There will be some minor changes to how fans can get to Soldier Field and how they can enter once they get there. CTA will add additional service on buses #128 and #146. Gates 3, 5, 7, 12, 23 and 50 will be closed at Soldier Field. The team says fans using gate 50 should consider gates 38, 45 and 47.

Finally, the Bears will not allow fans to bring cardboard to sit on or put under their feet. The team also reminded fans to drink water to combat dehydration from the cold.


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