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Benedict Cumberbatch talks about “Doctor Strange” in the introductory monologue – deadline


Benedict Cumberbatch tonight he appeared for the second time as a presenter SNLalluding in his introductory monologue to his new film Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich hit theaters in the U.S. on Friday.

“I am very happy to be back in hosting Saturday night live. It was a very fun, wonderful week. I have to be honest because most of the sketch writers this week gave me sketches every day and most of them were about Dr. StrangeSaid Cumberbatch from above. “It’s great. I love the guy. I love playing the character. The movie is very good, but I to have was in other films. “

Cumberbatch joked that he had gone so far as to express it SNLLorne Michaels, and Michaels replies, “How’s that?”

“I said,‘ Well, The power of the dogfor example, ”and he said,“ Nobody saw it. ” I said, “Come on, man. For this I was nominated for an Oscar. I’m fine, ”the presenter recalls. “I mean, I didn’t win. I was beaten Will Smith… No, not physically. “

Hinting at the infamous Oscar slap, Cumberbatch turned to discuss his excitement at the possibility of taking SNLShow for Mother’s Day. “Of course, I want to congratulate my mother on Mother’s Day,” he said. “She is actually now on holiday in Greece and SNL offered to bring her here first class, and she said, “No, I’m on the beach in Greece.” Are you crazy? ‘

Cumberbatch then told his mother that he loved her, noting that when he was younger, he and his mom had “those weird, funny names” by which they named each other. “I called her Pucky,” he said, “and she called me Benedict Cumberbatch.”

He later joked, “I went to a boarding school outside of London – you may have heard of it – called Hogwarts.”

While he was there, his mother wrote him “these strange letters” full of beautiful illustrations. “I can’t do it for her here, obviously,” Cumberbatch said, “but I thought I was using this monologue to thank her for everything she did for me.”

When sentimental piano music played, Cumberbatch passed to his mother directly. “Hey, Mom. “It’s me, your son, little Benedict,” he said. “Thank you for always being there for me.”

Cumberbatch said that when he had a problem, his mother had a solution. “For example, when I lost two front teeth, I was worried I was being teased, but you said, ‘It’s okay.’ Just try to smile without opening your mouth, ”he reminded. “It’s great advice, but it also explains why to this day in every photo from the red carpet I smile so much.”

Cut a photo of Cumberbatch in which his smile is a more bizarre grimace.

“Seriously, Mom, thank you,” he said. “You have shown me so much love and support at every turn. I love you, Puki.

Also tonight was Cumberbatch’s wife Sophie, who was in the audience at the show. “I am seriously in constant, constant fear of you. I mean, for a start, you gave birth to our three beautiful boys, and only this is a small miracle, as any woman will tell you, ”he said. “Meanwhile, according to you, I was dressed like a magician, although technically it’s a wizard.”

Explaining that wizards have a mantle – unlike his Marvel character Dr. Strange, who has a cloak – he said he hopes that if his wife really thinks about it, she will realize that their contribution as a parent is leveling off. “Because if you think being a mom is hard, try doing it,” he said, turning his wrist. “Yes, I just opened the portal. Please. “

Arcade Fire, a musical guest, joins Cumberbatch for today’s show. Check out his introductory monologue by clicking above.


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