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Businessman Willie Wilson forms mayoral election committee, Mayor Laurie Lightfoot to “prepare for re-election announcement”


CHICAGO (CBS) – On the eve of the official announcement of the next application for the post of mayor of Chicago, businessman and philanthropist Dr. Willie Wilson officially formed the election committee.

On Monday, Wilson filed for the Illinois Electoral Commission, renewing his Willy Wilson Electoral Committee for mayor, the same committee he formed for his unsuccessful applications for mayor in 2015 and 2019.

He is expected to officially announce his third mayoral election Monday morning at his riverfront penthouse in the city center.

He also ran for mayor in 2015 and 2019, each gaining about 11% of the vote. He also unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate and President. He never won elected office.

His statement came the same day as Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s company announced three new employees as they “prepare for the re-election announcement”.

“Mayor Lightfoot has led our city through an unprecedented pandemic, while taking important steps to build a Chicago that is fair and inclusive for everyone in every district. We need a leader who will keep us ahead of Chicago after COVID-19. Reduces crime, gives the city has new jobs and opportunities, and is giving Chicago a leg up, ”said Lightfoot spokeswoman Madison Ollinger.

Wilson will be the third candidate to announce plans to run against Lightfoot in 2023.

Wilson and Mayor Laurie Lightfoot have a complicated political history. Taking fourth place in the mayoral election in February 2019, Wilson supported Lightfoot, which helped her easily win the second round over Cook County Council President Tony Prequinckle, winning every district of the city.

But since then they have often clashed.

Wilson made headlines last month when he sponsored two gifts of gas to the city and suburbsgiving a total of $ 1.2 million in free gas, sparking speculation that he is preparing another application for mayor.

After Wilson’s second gas handout, Lightfoot announced a $ 12.5 million plan to distribute gas and transit cards for Chicago residents.

While Lightfoot denied that her plan was inspired by Wilson’s gas gifts, she also offered veiled criticism of Wilson’s gifts, saying, “You don’t need to get up at 4am, you’re not going to need to sit in a long queue,” as people did for Wilson’s gifts.

However, Lightfoot’s plan has been met with skepticism by aldermen, some of whom have also expressed concern that it is a reaction to Wilson’s gas gifts, as well as criticism that it will largely benefit oil companies without providing substantial assistance to Chicago drivers. The city council’s key committee last week did not vote for her plan, as expected, a likely signal that Lightfoot does not yet have the votes to accept it.

In 2020, Lightfoot criticized Wilson for his efforts to provide protective masks in the early days of the pandemic, accusing Wilson of claiming $ 1 million in cash advance from the city to buy his masks.

Wilson said the mayor misunderstood. He denied asking for cash, and said payment was needed before China could ship the goods.

Ald. Raymond Lopez announced his candidacy for mayor last weekand Chicago Police Brotherhood President John Catanzari announced plans to run for mayor last November.

Other potential candidates include Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd), Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th), former director general of Chicago Public Schools Paul Wallace, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley, Chicago State Teachers Union Vice President Stacy Davis Gates, Illinois Representative Kam Buckner, La Sean Ford Representative, Cook County Commissioner Brendan and Jones public activist Ja’Mal Green. Former director general of Chicago public schools Last month, Arne Duncan announced he would not run for mayorafter months of speculation.

Election Day in the city municipal elections – February 28, 2023. If there is a second round, it will take place on April 4, 2023.

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