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CBS 2 celebrates Mother’s Day


CHICAGO (CBS) – Happy Mother’s Day, here are the women we are celebrating this year.

Brad Edwards

“I have always been a mother’s child. Here, in her arms. She still sends me bags – Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. – Treats and postcards to his boy. It seems somewhere in my 20s I told her she could ease the “baby Brad act”. She never did. And now, somewhere in my 40s, I appreciate it, and its, more than ever.

Marisa Perlman

“Celebrating my mom every year on Mother’s Day is one of my greatest joys – she is without a doubt my favorite person.

Those who have known me will soon hear me share stories about the amazing Susan: most often because the conversations and adventures we have together can be shown in a sitcom, but also because there is no one else. like her. She is strong, thoughtful, brilliant, cheerful and the first person you want to invite to your next dinner. When we are together, there is always laughter.


In this career we are moving. A lot. Every few years, starting at age 23, I started first in a new city, one. Except that I’ve never really been alone. No doubt my mom was there to make sure I was set up for success (and to make my apartment look cute too). Whether it was a small town in upstate New York or a new adventure in Northern California, it showed up and didn’t let me give up on a dream I had since childhood. When the work became difficult, she always picked up the phone (sometimes several times a day.) She is a fan of hard work and “seek its fulfillment.” She always reminded me that nothing good is given easily, and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. Without her, I would not have fulfilled this dream in my hometown.

My mom (and my grandmother) always said, “It doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish.” A graduate of Northwestern and Georgetown Law School, she has succeeded in several career paths, including opening her own consulting business. I admire how she is able to constantly invent herself. She loves to study. She is not afraid of a challenge or even a start. I often wonder if she gets such stubbornness from my grandfather, who fled Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. He moved to the US with nothing, and: got to work. He was also not afraid to face the unknown. I am happy to have such an example in my life.

This Mother’s Day is special: because after more than a decade of absence, moving from city to city, I am finally home. This year I have the opportunity to personally celebrate my mom. This is the greatest gift. “It’s not how you start, it’s important how you finish.”

Laura Bannon


“Happy Mother’s Day my other half, Diana. I seriously can’t imagine life without you. Every day is such a joy to be your daughter and I am grateful to have you in my life. I am very lucky to have such a strong, caring , support is a role model in my life.I know I can be a handful (sometimes) and can’t thank you for my endless love and support.

Thank you for everything to me! My colleagues also thank you for being our monthly mom! Your food is the best !! I love you always and always. “

Tim McNichalas


“My mother is the kindest person I know, and she taught me the values ​​of hard work, intelligence and honesty. My nephews. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”


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