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Celebrate International Harry Potter Day on May 2 with these wonderful gifts Lifestyle


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Harry Potter International Day is celebrated on May 2, and Potterheads around the world can’t wait to celebrate the Magic World every year. On this day, fans remember the magical universe, when it celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts – May 2, 1998 – it is also the day when Harry Potter finally defeats the evil Lord Voldemort.

You probably already know that if you love watching Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and the rest of the Harry Potter actors, then J.W. K. Rowling, the award-winning, comes to life in Harry Potter films, recognized by critics.

This year you can join the unwavering fans around the world and spend International Harry Potter Day with a wand in your hand, eating food about Harry Potter and watching the entire collection of Harry Potter movies. Why not celebrate this great day by also grabbing a Harry Potter-themed gift for yourself or your colleagues? Scroll through this adorable list to find some great ideas.

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1. Harry Potter Paperback Box (Books 1-7)

If you consider International Harry Potter Day a major holiday, you’ve probably already read the entire series of seven novels. But you may not have the full Harry Potter paperback box. Or maybe you want to bring a new Potter into the glorious magical world. Anyway, this collection of Harry Potter books is a must read for magicians and muggles everywhere!

2. Noble collection NN1910 Harry Potter lighting wand, 14 inches

Renowned leisure experts, The Noble Collection designed it Harry Potter wand with painstaking precision. Warner Brothers has allowed the use of a 14-inch wand that lights up and turns off when a hand wave or wrist swing. This requires two AAA batteries (not included). You can even press the side button to adjust the light intensity. WARNING: RISK OF CONDOMINATION. Small details – not for children under 3 years.

3. Hasbro Gaming Clue: Wizarding World, published by Harry Potter, is a mysterious board game

Hasbro makes a magical rotation of its classic whodunit game Hint: The Magic World is a mysterious Harry Potter board game. An exciting magic twist in this exclusive edition of Amazon finds players moving across the board in the roles of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Neville. Players are trying to find out who disappeared, under what spell and where the crime took place. The stunning art – and the coolest – playing field shows changing stairs, forbidden doors, secret passages and more. WARNING: RISK OF CONDOMINATION. Small details – not for children under 3 years.

4. An unofficial Harry Potter cookbook: From Cake Cakes to the Fame of Knickerbocker

Fans and gourmets of Harry Potter will enjoy exciting snacks from the favorite franchise of books and movies in the “Unofficial cookbook about Harry Potter: from cakes from cauldrons to the fame of Knickerbocker” by Dean Buchholz. Amazon’s best-selling children’s book on Amazon boasts “More than 150 magic recipes for both wizards and non-wizards.” Chefs of all ages can make Harry Potter’s favorite dessert – a pie with a stream. Make delicious Molly meat pies from Mrs. Weasley. Or try Cauldron cakes and pumpkin juice – straight from Hogwarts Express. Enjoy!

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5. Noble Collection – Harry Potter – Hermione’s Time

The Noble collection returns with another amazing copy of Wizarding World that Warner Brothers has officially approved. Nobel Collection – Harry Potter – Hermione Time Turner will delight loyal Harry Potter fans. The beautiful piece is covered in 24-carat gold and is recreated from the film “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” by Hermione. Time Turner features a working miniature hourglass with rotating rings that surround it, and comes with its own showcase.

6. Coloring book of mountain potter

Harry Potter fans can achieve their own artistic prosperity to people and places in the magical world with the help of exquisite Scholastic Coloring book of mountain potter. Thick paper of high quality, and the pages are decorated with gold. Coloring – great fun for people of all ages. Some images are more complex than others. All in all, Potterheads can apply their own colorful stamp on iconic Harry Potter characters and settings.

7. Harry Potter Heat Reveal Coffee Mug, 11 oz

Enjoy a magical sip of your morning cup of tea or coffee in this clever Harry Potter Heat Reveal Coffee Mug. This shape-changing black mug is for cold drinks. But the Marauder’s Card magically appears when you hold a hot drink. Fans can enjoy hot coffee, tea or chocolate in this ceramic Harry Potter-licensed ceramic mug.

8. Harry Potter anti-slip mat, Weasley House door mat 20 “x 31.5”

Bring home a little magical world if you greet friends and family with this entertainment Harry Potter vs. Sliding Welcome Mat which has the silhouette of the Weasley house. In particular, the mat has a durable non-slip substrate. Harry Potter fans will no doubt smile at the warm magic that awaits at the front door. For indoor and outdoor use.

9. A collection of bookmarks with the Harry Potter crest

Book lovers – especially Harry Potter enthusiasts – will appreciate this hand-enameled A collection of bookmarks with the Harry Potter crest from the “Noble Collection”. The bookmarks have intricate details of the Hogwarts coats of arms and the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The top is cast in metal. They look great in the kit – or you can share them and give away a few gifts.

10. Enchanted Scent of Harry Potter Golden Snitch Candle, 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Collection

There is nothing better than a hidden gift in a gift! This Harry Potter snitch golden candle from Charmed Aroma these are two gifts in one. Once you burn the candle, 925 sterling silver necklaces appear like magic. Harry Potter fans will enjoy the surprise!

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