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Check out these “normal” Halloween costumes from Japan

Japan's annual

Japan’s annual “normal” Halloween costume contest is back with costumes so normal and everyday they’re brilliant, photos show.

Screenshots from Twitter

Sometimes the most creative Halloween costumes are right in front of you. Instead of using Halloween to dress up in something you don’t see everyday, these people in Japan dressed up in something you might see everyday.

The trend is called “Ordinary Halloween“, historian Nick Kapur explained in a tweet. Website Daily Portal Z in 2014, Japan created a daily contest that is held every year, according to Otaku USA Magazine.

The goal? Dress like normal Johnny Suputama explained on Twitter.

Here are some of this year’s common Halloween costumes shared on Twitter by Daily Portal Z.

One person dressed as someone who shake a soda too much Another is dressed as someone who tried – and failed – to do it cut their bangs by themselves.

One person came dressed as a tourist who can’t find it trash can. Another person’s suit was the one using toothpaste to the end tubes.

Another person dressed as a store manager who came to help at the cash register. Someone else is dressed as the cashier looks away while the customer is entering their PIN.

Another couple dressed as people who happen to appear in the the same outfit and feel embarrassed about it. Someone else is dressed as a dad from work.

A host of other contestants are featured on the Daily Portal Z Twitter feed.

Google Translate was used to translate tweets from Daily Portal Z.

Aspen Pflughoeft covers the news in real time for McClatchy. She graduated from Minerva University where she studied communications, history and international politics. She previously reported for the Deseret News.


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