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Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson pays city over $3,000 in water bills – Chicago Tribune


Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson has paid the city more than $3,000 in water and sewer bills after facing criticism for his handling of his personal finances.

The dispute has flared in recent days after it was revealed that Johnson owes $3,357.04 in unpaid water and sewer bills and more than $400 in unpaid city parking tickets.

Johnson’s campaign initially released a statement saying the bills were “in accordance with a previously established payment plan and should be fully resolved before (he) takes office as our next mayor.”

On Friday, Johnson, the Cook County commissioner, released a statement saying he paid off the debt and attacking challenger Paul Wallace.

“Like many working families, my family fell behind on their water bill a few years ago and set up a payment plan. We’re not alone — there’s $421 million in unpaid water bills right now because our city has relied on rate hikes and fees for too long to deal with the budget deficit that Paul brought in,” Johnson said. “I don’t want to be a distraction in the crucial final days of this race, so we’ve tightened our belts and decided to pay up now. I don’t owe the city.”

The Vallas company released a statement Saturday criticizing Johnson.

“Chicago is a $28 billion enterprise, and Brandon Johnson’s financial mismanagement, combined with his complete lack of executive experience, make it difficult to believe that he can successfully control the city’s budget,” Ald said. Walter Burnett, Company Surrogate.

The recent controversy has embarrassed Johnson, who has accused Wallace of mismanaging school districts across the country but now faces similar questions.

County Commissioner Johnson’s campaign had a history of campaign finance violations by Johnson that resulted in thousands of dollars in fines. His company in February blamed it on clerical errors.


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