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Chicago Police say they are working to ensure CTA security after a mass shooting in the New York subway


CHICAGO (CBS Chicago / CBS New York) – Chicago police said Tuesday they would maintain resources to secure the city’s transit system after a mass shooting and smoke bomb attack that injured 17 people on the New York subway.

“We are with the people of New York after this heinous act of violence. The Chicago Police Department is closely following the events in New York,” the Chicago police said in a statement. “Although there is currently no effective intelligence, the CPD will maintain appropriate resources to ensure security in the public transport system.”

The Chicago Transit Office issued a statement saying there was no threat to its system, and passed additional questions to police and the Office of Emergencies and Communications.

Metra also issued a statement: “We remain just as vigilant in safety and security, and as a precaution we have deployed additional resources today. And we would remind and encourage our riders and the public that if they see anything or report any suspicious person to the Metro Police by calling 312-322-2800 or via Metra COPS application. If you see something, say it. “

Attack in New York took place at 8:24 a.m. Eastern Time on Train N, which was heading to Manhattan, in the Sunset Park community of Brooklyn.

Police say the train was approaching 36th Street Station when a man in a green vest wearing a gas mask blew up a smoke grenade in a moving car.

“At this time, the train began to fill with smoke. He then opened fire, injuring several people in the subway and on the platform, ” NYPD Commissioner Kichant Sewell said.

Josh Arie was on the train when he heard the shots.

“I just hid. I got off the road. I tried to make room for this elderly lady, who even gave me her little pepper spray from her purse in case anything happened, ”Arie said. “Like, she gave it to me from her purse and said, ‘Use it just in case.’ Such people were desperate. “

The video from the domestic train shows chaos when a passenger hits the door of a subway car, desperately trying to escape, but the door to the next car was closed.

“There was a lot of blood on the floor, and then, thank God, the train left for a minute, otherwise I don’t know what could have happened if we had stayed there for a long time,” Arie said.

Investigators say an armed man, described as a black man, 5 feet 5 inches tall and of heavy build, ravaged ammunition worth several magazines. Police later found a Glock-like gun at 36th Street Station.

WCBS-TV, CBS 2 New York learned that many of the wounded ran through a dark subway tunnel and came out on 25th Street.

“The woman was lying on the floor, blood was flowing from her leg, and she was shot. People were shouting for help, ”witness Yahya Ibrahim said.

“People who are bleeding are running out of the station,” Ijaira Gonzalez added.

The train continued to the 25th Street station, where some of the victims got out and called for help.

Police say 10 people have been shot dead, five of them in critical but stable condition. Others were helped by smoke inhalation and injuries from the panic that ensued.

We are told that others suffered in panic after the shooting.

“It was an escape, and such an escape – a mass escape – I have never seen anything like this extreme,” added witness John Ramsey.

Officials say none of the victims are life-threatening.

Investigators believe it was a coordinated attack, but the motives remain unclear.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the suspect remained at large. He was wearing a green construction vest and a gray sweatshirt.

Police have linked the U-Haul attack to Arizona numbers. U-Haul was located on Tuesday afternoon.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is in self-isolation after recently receiving a positive test for COVID-19. He posted the statement on Twitter.

“First, let me say, we pray for all New Yorkers who have been injured or injured in this attack,” Adams said.

“We will not allow New Yorkers to be terrorized even by individuals. The NYPD is looking for a suspect at large and we will find him. But we are asking the public to provide any information that may help us in this investigation,” Adams added.

Adams said late Tuesday that there appeared to be a malfunction at the subway station with surveillance cameras.

Sources said the video from the mobile phone and the images of the street cameras were transmitted via face recognition software.

A pistol, large-capacity stores, fireworks and gunpowder were found at the scene, CNN reports. Officials said they believe the gun jammed during the shooting.

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