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CPS launches “Please Stay” campaign to promote mental health and prevent teen suicide


CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago Public Schools became the first school district in the country to launch a new anti-suicide campaign created by the Lady Gaga Born This Way Foundation.

The CPS has compiled a video explaining the “Stay Stay” campaign aimed at students in grades 7-12, encouraging them to seek help when they need it.

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Chicago Public Schools on

“This campaign reminds students of the importance of prioritizing their mental health and the amount of support available to them,” said CPS Director General Pedro Martinez. “I am so proud of all our students who accept this promise and who seek support when needed.”

The campaign includes interactive and accessible initiatives aimed at educating students on mental health issues.

CPS staff, including school counselors, will talk about the campaign in class over the next few weeks, inform students about available mental health resources, advise them on self-care habits, and show them the “Please Stay” video.

Mental health has already been a problem for many teens before the COVID-19 pandemic, but new CDC data says the crisis has grown.

Data show that more than a third of high school students (37.1%) have experienced poor mental health most of the time or always during a pandemic, and more than 31% within the past 30 days. In addition, 44% said they were constantly feeling sad or hopeless last year.

The launch of “Please Stay” takes place during Mental Health Month.


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