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Cub owners condemn racism after past comments by Joe Ricketts provoked an unpleasant reaction to Chelsea football team’s bet


CHICAGO (CBS / AP) – The cubs may have been in the mood for sales at last year’s trade, but the Ricketts are in the mood to buy when it comes to football in England – where they have reacted.

The controversy prompted Cub owners to advertise their anti-racist powers on Wednesday.

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts was in London on Wednesday and planned to meet with Chelsea Premier League fans.

Chelsea supporters opposed the Ricketts buying the team using the hashtag #NoToRicketts, which was on trend on Twitter. Their problem is related to past insulting comments by family patriarch Joe Ricketts.

It has been three years since Joe Ricketts apologized after online media Splinter News published emails in which he made Islamophobic comments, such as “Islam is a cult, not a religion.”

Racist comments regained emphasis during a bid to buy Chelsea, which went on sale after Russian owner Roman Abramovich came under sanctions from the British government for his ties to President Vladimir Putin amid the war with Ukraine.

Paul Canoville, Chelsea’s first black player, tweeted “great anti-racism is NOT Ricketts’ bid”.

The London-based communications firm commissioned by the Ricketts family to promote the application says Joe Ricketts is not involved in the application, which is headed by his son, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts. They also tied up hedge fund manager Ken Griffin for a bet.

“Our family strongly rejects any form of hatred,” the Ricketts said in a statement. “Racism and Islamophobia have no place in our society.

“We have developed deep and ongoing partnerships with the Muslim community in Chicago, as well as with all color communities.”

“Respect for diversity and inclusion are central to our family’s values,” the family said in a statement. “If we win our bid for Chelsea, we pledge to the club and the fans that we will actively promote these values.”

There are at least seven known contenders for Chelsea, and the British government must approve a ransom license that cannot allow Abramovich to generate sales revenue.

The sale price could reach £ 3 billion ($ 4 billion).

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