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Daily cheap: show the ants who is in charge Lifestyle


I don’t know about you, but when I learn about some new and amazing household tips that promise to save time and / or money, it just makes my day. I love it! Not all the advice I get from you, my loyal readers, is brand new. But since I don’t know how to keep in mind 20,000 or more of these delicious little treats (yes, you’ve sent at least as many over the years), even the ones I know can be a new treat if you remind me of them.

I hope you enjoy today’s offer of great tips just as much as I do.

These annoying ants. If you have ants or other bed bugs at home, put a mixture of Blue Dawn dish soap and water in a 50/50 ratio in an empty spray bottle and keep it handy. If you see insects, spray them with the mixture. Provided you really saturate these little creatures, the soap actually destroys their exoskeleton and they die almost immediately. Also cheap and easy to clean

Slippery cleaning. I love to bake, but don’t like to measure out sticky ingredients such as shortening or peanut butter. To avoid the mess it creates, I spray a measuring cup of non-stick spray, and the sticky ingredient slips away. I no longer need to spend time scraping a measuring cup or spoon.

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Static clinging. When traveling, leave an unused drying sheet, especially if you are traveling to a dry desert area. A few movements of the dryer remove static electricity from clothing and equipment.

Perfect tea with ice. If you want to make a smooth, clear tea with ice that is not bitter, just add a pinch of baking soda to the water while brewing. I use an ice kettle, so I add soda along with the ice. It turns out fabulous. I prefer sweet tea, but it goes well with unsweetened tea. – Cheryl R.

Get rid of the ring. Get rid of the ring around the bath with the help of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They are cheap, and even generic brands work well! Erasers cut through the dirt and relieve hours of back pain from cleaning with a regular brush and soap.

Roof recycling, reuse. We cover the roof in our house and we didn’t want to pay the cost of hauling the old shingles. In our yard there is an area that we plan to plant greenery with decorative white stones, and we decided to recycle the old tile, putting it under the stones so that weeds do not grow through them.

Restore the pan. I burned Pam on my favorite stainless steel pan. Luckily, I managed to remove it using Bar Keepers Friend. I made a paste with Bar Keepers Friend and water and rubbed it all over the pan. I gave it to him for the night and then cleaned it with a nylon brush. It took two applications, but now my pan is shining clean again.

Ceramic stove. My white ceramic hob is hard to keep clean. It shows every burnt grease. I have found that when I spray it with plain white vinegar and then sprinkle with baking soda, it dissolves everything except the most stubborn stains. I keep my baking soda in the remaining spice jar with a shaker for easy application. In contact with vinegar, a bubble is formed, and also has a slight cleansing effect for those places that still need a little cleaning.


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