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Delia’s mother is a Chicago magazine


The drama begins with a bright pink exterior and courtyard adorned with ferns, and extends to an amazing marble bar that curves around the shelves of a 112-year-old pharmacy that was delivered from Belgium. There! Tapas bar Bonhomme Group, with all due respect, a little extra. The atmosphere is certainly outrageous, but the food and drinks are beautifully understated compared to them. Order a Spanish-style gin and tonic with grapefruit and mint, then share the toasts with bacon, anchovies, peppercorns and a bright sprinkle of yuza olive oil. Separate the garlic lobsters and nut slices of iberica ham, then open the can of clams. Combine all this with sherry toppings from the 30s list or just maintain a gin and tonic. Last year Bonhomme received a Michelin star for Porto, its tribute to the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula. You can go there to get more refined plates, but for us the dream of Mama Delia with a fever soaked in sherry – this is where it is.

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