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Dusi will think about having dentists do cosmetic Botox injections Health and fitness


PHOENIX (AP) – The next time you sit in a dental chair for fillings, your dentist may also offer to deal with annoying wrinkles around the eyes by injecting a little Botox.

All that stands in the way is the signature of Republican Governor Doug Dusi under legislation passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The Chamber approved the measure allows dentists to do cosmetic Botox injections or so-called skin fillers in a 55-0 vote on Thursday. MP Regina Cobb, a dentist who became executive director of the Arizona Dental Association last year, declined to vote. Four other members of the House of Representatives were either absent or acquitted.

Earlier, the Senate approved Republican Sen. Nancy Bart’s bill by 25 votes against.

Dentists are already allowed to use Botox, which temporarily relaxes muscles and is known for its effect of reducing facial wrinkles for some medical reasons. These include the treatment of TMJ, a painful jaw disease.

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But it is impossible to use drugs for aesthetic reasons.

Dentists testified that they were already well trained in the administration of drugs to the head and neck area. And some are already using Botox for cosmetic purposes, having received certification for facial aesthetics.

Phoenix dentist Dr. Kevin Ortale testified before the Senate committee that he has a unique qualification for using Botox injectables and skin fillers that fill the skin to minimize wrinkles. The Ortale website advertises Botox both for the treatment of TMJ and for cosmetic purposes.

“What makes more sense to Arizona when nurses use visiting medical directors at their health resorts and Botox parties?” Said Ortale. “Or do you have a uniquely talented team of medical professionals who have extensive experience with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of injections already in and around the mouth?”

Ortale also said his practice has lost 20% of its business since the pandemic hit, and he “patiently waited” for the new law so it could expand.

Bartou told a committee of the House of Representatives that heard her bill that it had been in preparation for several years.

“I think that if we allow trained professionals to work at height, if it makes sense, we should remove these restrictions from the law,” Barto said. “And that’s what this bill does.”

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