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EA promises to start 2023 with a busy quarter with a major IP, remake and more


Today Electronic Arts delivered results for the entire 2022 fiscal year (which lasted from April 1, 2021 to March 32, 2022), and it was a good 12 months for the company. The company generated $ 7.5 billion in revenue during the year, a record for the company, and expects to get even more next fiscal year. Speaking of which, EA has also disclosed its lineup for fiscal year 2023, and this is causing some chatter. While much of the year is dedicated to the company’s standard sports and racing titles, the 4th quarter of 2023 (running from early January to the end of March 2023) features a whopping four titles that have “not yet been made public”, including the main IP, partner title, remake and sports title.

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Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth becomes official

Obviously, the speculation is already wild, although it’s not entirely clear what EA means when they say these titles “haven’t been made public yet”. Are these games that have not yet been publicly announced? Or just didn’t show the gameplay? Or maybe it just means these games don’t have release dates yet? It’s all a little confusing!

Consider a remake of the mystery on the list. The A remake of Dead Space has already confirmed in early 2023, and is not listed in the EA calendar. Thus, it is very likely that Dead Space is a remake in question. If things that have been announced but not fully shown lie on the table, a sports title may well be Skatewhat they are talking about progresses wellor perhaps promised from the EA a college football title.

As for what the “master IP” might be, it’s harder to define. Some have suggested that it is a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderbut there are some other unannounced titles in the works around EA. Motive has been working on something for the last couple of years. EA also has An adventure game in development at Seattle’s new studio led by some of the people who created games about Middle-earth from Monolith Productions. Again, so far this is all just speculation.

What do you think? What is EA preparing for its busy lineup in early 2023?


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