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Elon Musk says he will allow Donald Trump to return to Twitter


Elon Musk said Tuesday that he would allow former President Donald Trump to return to Twitter if Tesla’s CEO fulfills his plan to buy the company on social media. Trump was pforever banned from a social media site three days after the January 6 attack on the Capitol because of “the risk of further incitement to violence.”

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times at the Future of the Car conference on Tuesday, Mask was asked about Trump’s potential return to Twitter. Instead of answering directly at once, Musk said that in his opinion, permanent bans on Twitter should be “extremely rare” and reserved for “bots or accounts for spam / fraud.”

“I think it was wrong to ban Donald Trump,” Musk said. “I think it was a mistake because it alienated much of the country and ultimately did not lead to Donald Trump not having the right to vote.”

Musk reached a deal in late April buy Twitter for $ 44 billionsaying after the deal was announced that he plans to ensure the platform is dedicated to free speech.

“Freedom of speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is a digital urban space where issues vital to the future of humanity are discussed,” he said in a statement.


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