Home Tech Elon Musk says Twitter takeover deal suspended over potentially fake user numbers

Elon Musk says Twitter takeover deal suspended over potentially fake user numbers


As the northern hemisphere prepares for the comforts of summer, Twitter staff have continued to face cold chills since March. Such is the nature of the bright billionaire Ilona Mask, who said on Twitter that his A $ 44 billion deal to acquire Twitter has been postponed due to details expected to confirm Twitter’s assertion that only 5% of the platform’s user base consists of spam / fake accounts.

There have been no internal sources to confirm the same, so all that exists as evidence is Mask’s own word, which seems to be a viable source for only half the world’s population. Musk spoke loudly about the troubles of spam bots and fake accounts on the platform, and called resolving the issue his priority as soon as he takes control of it.

That’s not to say it can’t be anything other than how it looks. The price of Twitter shares fell in the summer due to a decline in trading in front of the market. It could just be a good old-fashioned corporate battle of “who’s lying to whom”. Ilona’s word puts stock prices at risk, which may allow him to reconsider a cheaper deal (bargaining is not below the rich elite, it’s a skill.). On the other hand, a message on Twitter about less than the actual number of spam accounts will hint that the value of the platform will be less than what Twitter said when a higher percentage of users are just spam bots.

In a statement last month, which said the figure was 5%, Twitter also mentioned the risks of uncertainty they face until a deal with Ilona is concluded. Advertisers ’confidence in a platform that doesn’t have a clear direction is certainly a cause for concern.

The corporate structure behind the social media giant known as Twitter continues to tremble from top to bottom. As employees wait and observe who their boss will be by the end of the year, senior executives are beginning to avoid cracks in what looks like The coup is led by current CEO Parag Agraval.


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