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Evanston home inundated with packages due to Amazon delivery error


EVANSTON, IL — Evanston resident Samantha Schwimmer says she’s had her fair share of Amazon packages not addressed to her showing up on her doorstep.

For at least a year now, Schwimmer says hundreds of Amazon packages for Truly Evanston, a senior living community a few blocks from her home, have continued to show up at her home.

Trulee Evanston’s address is 1815 Norwood Court. Schwimmer’s address has the same numbers but is not on the same street.

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“At first it was just an annoyance, and then it just got to the bottom of it like, ‘Wait a minute, these are seniors who probably really need these medications and don’t have other ways to get them,'” Schwimmer said.

According to Schwimmer, someone from Amazon called her on Friday to report a possible outage in their system.

“If an address number is next to another similar number, the system can confuse the locations,” Schwimmer said.

While some packages are small, Schwimmer says many are large and heavy. When they first started showing up, she said she would take them to Truli.

“And then more and more and more came and it got to the point where we had to call senior citizens home and they became daily visitors to our home,” Schwimmer said.

Principal Trulee Evanston told WGN News that some Amazon packages for residents do arrive at their address.

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To make sure they all got to them, Jessica Natale, Trulee Evanston’s director of community engagement, says they sent Amazon their GPS coordinates, along with the entire apartment listing and resident list, so they could add each individual apartment as its own address. separately.

“We talked to a lot of different people at Amazon who looked into it, they even sent someone from Field Quality Assurance to help figure out what was causing the problem,” added Natale. “We talk to them every time packages are mis-delivered and they keep saying they’re looking into it and they also don’t understand why it’s happening.”

Schwimmer says she has a sign on her door asking her not to leave packages addressed to 1815 Norwood Court, but that hasn’t helped. The delivery combination also led to other unexpected visitors.

“I actually had an adult child of a Trulli resident to get his parent’s package,” she said. “It scared me a little.”


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