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“Everyone is tired”: police and community groups demand additional resources after 2 mass shootings in Back of the Yards, Jefferson Park


CHICAGO (CBS) – Some people living in the Backyards neighborhood are asking for help after a mass shooting that killed one person and injured four.

It was the first of two mass shootings in the last 24 hours in Back of the Yards and Jackson Park.

Tara Malina of CBS 2 reported from Chicago Police Headquarters where the superintendent blames the gang leader.

Calling the violence last night and the increase in violence in the neighborhood since April a direct result of his release – revenge for the murder of the brother of the leader of this gang.

But when it all happens in the middle of a family neighborhood, the impact is much greater.

Candles on the sidewalk on Wednesday, in the middle of the Backyards neighborhoodwhere police say rival gangs are behind the mass shooting Tuesday afternoon. Five were shot, one killed.

The video, which was summarized with CBS 2 investigators, caught everyone.

We blur the actual shooting, but you see the boy running, dodging a gunshot – bullets hitting nearby houses.

Leaving traces in this neighborhood, have already suffered from ongoing violence. Groups like Shay Knox are trying to cure.

“Everyone is tired. Even young people are tired,” Knox said.

Grown on the southwest side, she is interested in making the area better and safer.

“Everyone on our team is a reliable envoy from the area.”

She is the scientific director of the Institute Nonviolence Chicago. They work with Ministry of Precious Blood of Reconciliation. Groups are working to help those affected by violence.

“When there is a shooting, we immediately get to the scene within 10-15 minutes,” she said.

They reacted to it immediately – and are still responding.

Offering services, assistance, mentoring and a safe place for young people growing up around such violence.

“There are not enough resources in the society. We definitely need more resources for young people. ”

Reported by Chicago city officials and police, the shooting is part of a rise in violence in the 9th Police District.

Police Chief David Brown says the increase is directly related to the gang conflict. The conflict that continued when the police appeared.

The men, named by police as members of a rival gang, were arrested at the scene of the shooting and charged with resisting arrest, as well as accusing a police officer of resisting and pushing officers – punching one in the face.

“Not society, not the crowd, it was gangsters fighting the police,” Brown said.

In the middle of an area where the boy had dodged bullets minutes before, other emergency services say more help is needed now.

“No one wants to wake up and go outside and look over their shoulders all the time with fear,” Knox said.

Police superintendent David Brown Wednesday is calling for something. He has repeatedly sought support from the judiciary.

He talked a lot about the gang leader 28-year-old Sergio Baron, who was released from federal prison, then arrested with a gun and released on bail.

Brown urges judges to better assess risks and says police are doing their job, but the cycle of violence continues when people like Barron are released.

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