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Five Residential Churches for Sale in Chicago – Chicago Magazine


З devastating fire and current demolition The 19th-century Antiochian Missionary Baptist Church in Englewood, Chicago I think of historic churches. Although shrines are built for a specific purpose, have you ever wondered what happens when the congregation moves on? This happens most often as neighborhoods change. Instead of seeing the complete loss of these beautiful spiritual spaces, many of Chicago’s religious buildings were born and converted for residential use over the years. While some potential buyers may have trouble living in former religious buildings, there are people who like the nature and charm of refurbished real estate. Whether it’s South Side Church or a convent in Baktown, let’s take a look at some of the apartments and townhouses that are currently on the real estate market.

Originally built in 1888, the first German Baptist church in the Romanesque style is located in the northeast corner of Peacock and Upper in the Western City of Chicago. It fell into disrepair and was almost destroyed in the 1990s. When almost 25 years ago the project of transforming the church into an apartment “Repeated Sanctuary” took place, this old building was a fashion legislator in adaptive reuse. A number of antique elements have been preserved on site, such as exposed brick walls and ceilings with wooden beams. In this particular unit there have been upgrades, including new appliances and lighting under the counter in the all-white kitchen, and a secondary entrance leading to a private cobbled patio.

Completed in 2013, Urban Treehouse is an adaptive redevelopment of the historic Sisters of the Resurrection convent in the Baktown neighborhood. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom penthouse now on sale is one of seven unique lofts in this old building, originally built in 1905. It has high ceilings 17 feet high, open brick walls and large windows. You can admire the Church of St. Mary of the Angels in the style of the Polish Cathedral and its beautiful frieze, located just across the road. Also, you are steps away from 606.

The exterior walls of St. Michael’s Church survived the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871. Although this grand building in Chicago’s Old Town is still in use, the neighborhood around it was converted into a private complex called St. Michael’s Square in the 1980s. The ten-year housing project includes a former boardroom, a high school and a rectory. In the latter you will find this nice one bedroom apartment with two bathrooms for sale. I like the fact that it has separate rooms and a long hallway as well as a deck right out of the kitchen.

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is one of six apartments in an apartment building in Wicker Park that was converted almost 20 years ago. The simple brick building dates back to the 1890s. For many years, the historical structure housed congregations such as the Hopewell Baptist Church. Just listed for the first time in fifteen years, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is the opposite of a cookie cutter with a number of unique architectural details. But it is also ideal for the modern lifestyle. The room has a private balcony and a shared outdoor terrace.

After the iconic Shiloh Baptist Church in Kenwood, Chicago, was empty for more than a decade, developer John Liu bought the former prayer house for $ 650,000 in 2014. Calling it “Dorchester”, he built 13 luxury townhouses behind the historic façade with all of them opening onto the central courtyard. A new path leads to parking in the basement. Block 3 is three levels full of modern luxury, including a kitchen equipped with Italian Zecchinon cabinets, and a main bathroom with a beautiful white marble shower and a separate bathroom. Over the past year, the asking price for this four-bedroom, four-bathroom townhouse has recently been reduced to $ 799,000.

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