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Five working cottages for sale – Chicago magazine


Looks like a bungalow and two apartments, working cottages originally built as affordable housing and has since become a permanent part of Chicago’s residential landscape. Unfortunately, nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to find this iconic style of building in the city, as these modest houses are constantly under threat from new (and larger) buildings. Organizations like Chicago Workers Cottage Initiative trying to shed light on this type of folk architecture, which is defined as a one-story building with raised basements, narrow hikes and a gabled roof. Built of various materials such as brick or wood, most of these houses date from the 1870s to 1910s. While not every working cottage can be preserved and protected, hopefully the following homes will show you that they are charming and flexible. Some have been converted into duplexes, others have been modernized. One even survived the Great Fire of Chicago.

One of the city’s most famous residences, having survived the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871, Richard Bellinger’s cottage was just two years old when it stood in the way of the fire. She was rescued only because the owner tore down a wooden sidewalk and allegedly wet the roof with cider (although this may have been invented by a newspaper correspondent). Some original features have survived over the past 153 years, such as an exterior frame with paneling with wooden details and a brick-and-stone base. At the same time inside the living room is a brick wall with a double-sided fireplace. Designed by WW Boeington, the architect of the fire tower, the current owners have added a three-story section to the back of the historic structure, creating additional space that opens onto a private terrace full of trees and evergreen shrubs.

Do not let the stucco facade deceive you, the historic interior of this cottage working Ukrainian village, built in 1884, almost untouched from the beautiful wooden trim to the original built-in rooms. The open concept is a trend even in old houses, so I’m surprised that the real walls have survived. However, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom bathroom has some modern upgrades that are evident in the kitchen and bathrooms. But the best thing is that the hotel has a separate two-story carriage house. You have not only a garage for two cars, but also an open concept space with a bedroom in the attic. This is an ideal opportunity for rental income (it is currently rented for $ 1,800 per month).

This two bedroom and two bathroom home in Baktown is conditional and you can see why! The newly restored gut, kitchen, bathrooms, walls and mechanics have been updated, and the overall space looks light and airy. I personally like modern touches, such as the open wooden staircase that connects all the rooms together. The RT-4’s veneered property also includes a one-bedroom carriage house and one bathroom above the garage, the perfect place to convert to Airbnb or rent.

In early 2021, the working cottage was sold for $ 355,000, reflecting the price of homes in the Logan Square-Humboldt area over the past few years. Since then, the residence has undergone a modern conversion and jumped 154% to its current value of $ 899,969. Located just a block from 606where there was gentrification hot button problem for many locals, the apartment building offers a number of possibilities, as owners can live on the ground floor by renting or placing an Airbnb with a two-bedroom suite upstairs with 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms. entrance.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood full of colorful 19th-century working-class cottages, look no further than the Old Town Triangle. Like previous homes for sale, this one has been converted into a two-bedroom. It recently passed into hands in 2015. The completely renovated building offers several possibilities: it can simply remain as it is, or converted back into a single-family home. The rent on the main floor has two bedrooms and one bathroom, while the owner’s unit has three bedrooms, one bathroom and a full family room at the back with access to your own backyard.

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