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MIAMI GARDENS, Florida (AP) – Lewis Hamilton appeared at the Miami Grand Prix on Friday, wearing all the jewelry he could put on his body – a clear protest against the dispersal of the piercing by the FIA’s governing body.

“I couldn’t get more jewelry today,” said the seven-time world champion.

Hamilton came to the corral in all-denim clothing with a few open buttons on his long-sleeved shirt, which showed at least four folded necklaces. Hamilton later appeared in his Mercedes shirt, wearing at least three watches and with four rings on each hand. He also has earrings and a nose ring and he said some piercings can’t be removed.

On Thursday, the FIA ​​tightened a ban on unregulated underwear and piercings, making it part of official controls, meaning such choices are subject to review by race officials.

Four-time champion Sebastian Vettel said he thought the FIA ​​was acting petty, and wondered if the rule was specific to Hamilton.

“I think it’s a little unnecessary to blow up the subject, and probably at this point it’s a more personal thing, I feel particularly focused on Lewis,” Vettel said. “In a sense there is a concern for safety, obviously if you have things and the car caught fire. To some extent, there is personal freedom, and we are old enough to make our own choices. ”

The governing body of Formula 1 said that drivers can be tested before competitions because “wearing jewelry under the necessary refractory clothing can reduce the protection provided by this equipment.”

“Metal objects, such as jewelry that comes in contact with the skin, can reduce the protection of heat transfer and, thus, may increase the risk of burns in the event of fire,” – writes the FIA. “Wearing jewelry during competitions can interfere with both medical interventions and subsequent diagnosis and treatment if needed after an accident.”

The FIA ​​has said that jewelry can get caught during an emergency removal from a car, and can complicate or delay medical representation.

“In the worst case, the presence of jewelry during the shooting can cause additional injuries,” – writes the FIA. “Jewelry in and around the airways can pose certain additional risks if they are placed during an accident and they are swallowed or inhaled.”

Hamilton has been refusing since the FIA ​​first announced the potential clamp, and on Friday said it would sign the waiver, taking full responsibility. He said he wore his chic during competitions for 16 years in Formula One with no problems and also underwent numerous medical imaging sessions, also putting on his jewelry.

Hamilton said that before arriving on the track, he sent a message to the new FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulay, noting that the jewelry fight seemed silly in the overall picture and that “I don’t want to fight you guys, ever.”

He said he hoped for further discussions with Sulayem and the FIA, but looked ready to hold his ground.

“If they stop me, so be it,” Hamilton said. “We have trained spare drivers and prepared them for the weekend. Anyway, a lot is going on in the city, so I’ll be fine anyway. ”


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