Four new Michelin-starred restaurants and seven Bib Gourmand recipients have appeared in Chicago

Good news for gourmets in Chicago and visiting the city of Wind this year. The MICHELIN guide has added four Michelin-starred restaurants on Chicago’s list of star-studded Chicago eateries, and seven new Bib Gourmand recipients marked for particularly interesting value.

In general, The list includes 23 restaurantsincluding Alinea, led by chefs Grant Achats and Douglas Alley, which received three Michelin stars and maintained an exceptional level of quality for 11 years since the first edition of the Michelin Guide to Chicago in 2011.

“MICHELIN Guide inspectors found that Chicago chefs and restaurant teams continue to maintain a high level of quality and creativity in gourmet dishes, even though their activities were an unprecedented challenge last year,” said Gwendal Pulenek, MICHELIN’s International Director. Guide. “We are pleased to welcome four new Michelin-starred restaurants and seven new Bib Gourmand restaurants and celebrate all 23 Michelin-starred establishments in this 2022 election.”

Chicago has one of the best culinary scenes in the US and probably in the world

The City of Winds is famous for many things, including exciting architecture, sports life, festivals, 1920s gangsters and Fortune 500 companies, but it’s the culinary scene of Chicago it is truly outstanding and guarantees its place on the map. Our city is one of the best cities for culinary experiences, offering a variety of Chicago dishes, as well as global dishes and a wide selection of dreamy restaurants.

Chicago’s food culture is in its own culinary league. The city boasts not one, two and not three, but many specialties that have received both national and international recognition. No gourmet can say “no” to a hot slice of sticky, cheesy pizza with heavenly flavors. How about an Italian sandwich with beef, Chicago-style popcorn, hot dogs or ice cream a mile high?

The beauty of Chicago’s culinary wonder lies not only in the iconic dishes, but also in the eateries and the people who create the magic. The city by the lake is home to some of the world’s best chefs, pioneering living rooms on rooftops, the best tokers and shops where you can die for donuts. And when it comes to street food, Chicago knocks out parks like New York and San Francisco.

But street food is just a small segment of Chicago’s culinary scene that impresses you with mouth-watering dishes that only you can find in your grandmother’s kitchen. Of course, the meat capital of America has bistros, carts, pizzerias, hot dog stalls, burgers and steakhouses. But it also has more Michelin-starred restaurants than you can imagine, so Chicago’s fine cuisine is definitely something to write about.

For example, when most of us engaged in some common hobby, such as knitting or creating giant puzzles, during quarantine-induced quarantine, Michelin-starred pastry chef Jared Bacheler used the time to start a particularly cute new hobby. Bacheler, who was the chief confectioner at Acadia, Sixteen and Entente, bought a millstone and a brazier and started makes his own chocolate bars and candieswhich are now a highly prized gift for connoisseurs that can be found at Time Out Market Chicago.

Who entered the list of famous Michelin in 2022

No wonder the city’s food lovers were happy to find out who was on the Michelin list this year, and what the inspectors said about the food in the best restaurants in the city.

If you want to choose the perfect food for your next trip, here are the new One MICHELIN Star restaurants with inspector’s remarks on each:

Claudia (Wicker Park; modern cuisine)

After years of searching for a brick home, chef Trevor Teach came to this hospitable place in Baktown. Named after her mother, Claudia is a cool, modern, special place where you can enjoy intensely creative prize-fixes. The bent box, which features a cracker with a scallop with preserved egg yolk, Madeleine with squid ink, yellowfin tuna nigiri, stuffed foie gras, and potato beanie with caviar – creates the ground for a delicious and memorable meal.

Esme (Lincoln Park; modern cuisine)

Chef Jenner Tomasco and his wife and co-owner Katrina Bravo have exposed high ambitions in this spacious studio. The minimalist, well-lit space evokes an art gallery complemented by a high-concept tasting aimed at blurring the boundaries between art and dining: a multi-course lunch has a host of creative and unexpected dishes, each offered to order. local artists.

Halit (Lincoln Park; Middle Eastern cuisine)

Chef Zach Engel brings his experience to this personal brand of modern Middle Eastern cuisine. Its prize-fix allows visitors to make their own choices from a range of options, but sharing is key to reaching most. Start with a salad (spreads and pickles) accompanied by pita bread. Even familiar dishes offer amazing depth, like creamy hummus or crispy falafel from mango labne.

Kasama (Bucktown; Philippine cuisine)

Chefs Tim Flores and Ginny Kwon, who previously worked at Oriole Kitchen, branched out on their own with this restaurant, which opened in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. It has evolved into a true vision of what the couple meant by Kasama, with a tasting dinner menu that clearly showcases the training, experience and heritage of this talented team for an ambitious, intelligent and expressive experience, mixing Filipino traditions with modern touches.

Seven new Bib Gourmand

This year, MICHELIN Guide inspectors discovered seven new sites of particularly interesting value: Apolonia, Bloom Plant Based Kitchen, Dear Margaret, Lardon, Sochi, Superkhana International, Tortello Pastificio.

This year, two special MICHELIN awards have been announced

In addition to the long-awaited Bib Gourmand and Star Awards, the Guide has announced two special awards for 2022. The sommelier of the year, awarded by Wine Access, was awarded to Bonhomme Group wine director Colin Hofer for his work in Porto. The “Exclusive Cocktails” award went to Julia Mamose, a Kumiko mixologist.

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