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Frank James has been detained on bail on federal charges of terror following a Brooklyn subway shooting


NEW YORK – A federal judge ordered Frank James, the man accused of execution shooting in the Brooklyn subway nearly two dozen people were injured and will be detained on bail on Thursday. Prosecutors said less and less would endanger New Yorkers.

James, 62, was formally charged with bringing in terrorists two days after the worst terrorist attack on the New York subway. His appearance in court took about six minutes.

James did not make the request. He also waived his right to a preliminary hearing, which usually happens when evidence against the accused is overwhelming, Jessica Moore of CBS2 reported.

In court, James’ lawyers requested a psychiatric examination and magnesium pills for leg cramps. They also confirmed reports of how police eventually managed to arrest him.

Prosecutors said James boarded train N, which was heading to Manhattan, in Sunset Park, blew up smoke bombs and opened fire in the midst of a trip Tuesday morning.

Ten people were shot dead and about 20 were injured, according to a recently uncovered federal complaint. The five victims remained in hospital on Thursday. No one was killed in the attack.

“What happened in the New York subway system on Tuesday was a tragedy. It’s luck that it wasn’t worse. We will still find out what happened on this train, and we warn against haste with the verdict, “- lawyer Mia – said Eisner-Greenberg.

According to investigators, James crossed the state with a bag of weapons, including axes, pepper spray, fireworks and gas canisters. We now know that James practiced the day before the attack to make sure the weapon was working properly, and so prosecutors say his attack was intentional and constituted an act of terror.

If convicted, James could spend the rest of his life in prison. Prosecutors have not publicly identified James’ motives.

“The charter is called terrorism and other violent attacks in mass transport,” said New York District Attorney General Breon Peace.

In the criminal complaint, the prosecutor’s office carefully set out the deadlines that led to the attack.

Surveillance cameras caught James allegedly driving a rented U-Haul van over the Verrazano Bridge early Tuesday morning and then parked it in Gravesend, two blocks from N Railway Station, where police said he landed.

According to police, the video shows James making his way to a subway station before a horrific attack.

“He fired, boom, boom. I was like, this guy went crazy,” – said subway passenger Fatim Gelashi.

Police said it appears someone was trying to spoil the serial number of the gun James was carrying.

“We know this. Yesterday Mr. James saw his photo in the news. He called Crime Stoppers to help. He told them where he was, ”Eisner-Greenberg said.

Sources in police told CBS2 that during the call James said, “I think I’m the guy you’re looking for.”

After the call, police tracked James down at a McDonald’s in the East Village and arrested him a few blocks away. He was watched by a worker before the officers arrived. James was then taken to FBI headquarters and taken into custody.

Before the attack, James could say a lot on social media and in videos on YouTube. He has published hundreds of talks about blacks, whites, Latinos and Asians, celebrities and politicians, including Mayor Eric Adams and his policies against subway crime.

James described New York as “the source of all my troubles,” and one video seemed to predict an attack.

“In Brooklyn, an old lady was hit in the head with a hammer. You can’t stop it. That means you have to have a cop on every precinct, and that’s just impossible,” James said.

YouTube has disabled the channel.

James was born in 1959 and grew up in the Bronx, but his last known residence here was in 2003. Until a few weeks ago, he lived in an apartment building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where neighbors described him as unfriendly.

“When I say hello, it’s like grumbling,” said neighbor Kelia Miller.

Sister James told The New York Times that he was lonely and often moved. One of his cousins ​​told CBS2 that most family members had little contact with him.

“I guess something happened, I don’t know,” she said. “It’s unbelievable.”

James is likely to remain in federal custody until trial, given his propensity to run away from police, sources said.

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