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Frank James, the object of a hunt during the New York subway massacre, has ties to Milwaukee and traveled through Chicago


MILAWUKEE (CBS Chicago / CBS New York) – Frank James, the subject of a nationwide hunt following the mass shooting in the New York subway on Tuesday morning, had ties to Milwaukee.

JamesThe 62-year-old remained at large on Tuesday night.

It is reported that James recently lived in Philadelphia. But his name is in a mailbox at a specific address in Milwaukee with an address to forward to the mailbox. German Terry of CBS 2 reported that James lived in the Milwaukee duplex as early as last month.

Witnesses and neighbors at Milwaukee said they knew James.


German Terry / CBS 2

It was unclear Tuesday night when James’s request to forward all his mail first appeared. But on social media, James posted several videos on a variety of topics – including what New York City police called “reports” about New York.

One video takes James to Milwaukee and traveled to Chicago just three weeks ago – since he probably returned to the East Coast. This video is dated incapacity, March 20th.

“And so when I leave Wisconsin, I’m about to go back to Illinois, all I can say is get rid of it well,” James says in the video.

He later reported in a video that is in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with a view to getting to Philadelphia next Tuesday.

The attack on the New York subway occurred around 8:24 a.m. Eastern Time on the N train, which was heading to Manhattan, to 36th Street’s station Sunset ParkBrooklyn.

The gunman made 33 shots with a Glock 17 that jammed, preventing further injuries, police said. Officials said 10 people were killed and 13 others injured.

Police said James rented a U-Haul van that could be linked to the shooting.

In the subway, police found a bag filled with smoke bombs, fuses, an ax, as well as gasoline and the key to a U-Haul van.

Police say a man wearing a vest, wearing a gas mask, blew up two smoke bombs in a moving train car and then opened fire. An armed man ransacked ammunition worth several stores.

Police later found a Glock-like gun at the subway station.

But James remained at large on Tuesday night. Anyone who sees him or knows his whereabouts should call 911.

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