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Google can go the way of Apple, as the Pixel Watch is only designed to work with Android phones


With a preview on Google I / O 2022 Pixel watch everything is ready to launch later this year. Not many details were told during the official presentation, other than what it looks like to wear and more. Fortunately, we found out which devices are compatible with it. Obviously, iPhones aren’t on the list, and that could mean Google is going the same way as Apple.

The Pixel Watch is said to be compatible with Android phones version 8.0 or higher

A search on the landing page of the Pixel Watch in the US store Google Store did not give us any useful information about the level of compatibility of the media with iPhones. In short, Google may not want iPhones to be compatible with the latest smartwatches, as Apple also restricts owners of Android phones from pairing them with the Apple Watch.

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Also, since iPhone owners are more likely to purchase an Apple Watch instead of a Pixel Watch for a better integration experience, Google and its staff would spend resources and efforts to ensure iOS compatibility. It should also be noted that according to Android AuthoritySamsung Galaxy Watch 4 has Wear OS 3 and it is also not compatible with iPhones.

If so, then all future wearables that support Wear OS 3 may also not support iOS. It should be noted that Google did not mention directly that the Pixel Watch will not be compatible with the iPhone. It is possible that if smart watches are available for purchase, Google will allow you to pair them with iPhones or at least have something in development that will allow you to pair in the future.

At the moment, details about the Pixel Watch include an improved Wear OS interface, as well as health sensors located in a horizontal configuration. Like the Apple Crown digital crown, the Pixel Watch will also come with a crown, and in addition Google uses a patented belt system to quickly replace watch straps. Wear OS for Pixel Watch will allow users to connect to Google Maps, Wallet, FitBit, Google Assistant and more, all of which we will see in action in the near future.


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