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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (WAND) – Governor J. B. Pritzker and Marshal of the State Fire Service Matt Perez along with other firefighters joined the commemoration and commemoration of the four fallen firefighters at the 29th annual ceremony of awarding the Memorial to the Fallen Firefighters and Medal of Honor.

The ceremony was held at the State Capitol on Tuesday, and honored firefighters who came out on top, showing courage, honor and honor while defending communities across the state.

“This memorial is dedicated to Illinois firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty, and to those firefighters who heroically led the courage, honor and honor.” said Governor J. B. Pritzker. “Michael, Meshon, Madhi and Gareth will live in our memory, in the lives of those they saved, and in the hearts of those they touched. May their memories be a blessing. ”

“Today at the Firefighters Memorial, we honored four of our bravest brothers who gave their lives in the service of the Illinois people,” said Illinois Fire Chief Marshal Matt Perez. “We will be eternally grateful for their courage and supreme sacrifice in the performance of their duties. They put the lives of others above their own, which is our highest calling. I would also like to personally thank each firefighter who was honored today for his courage in the line of duty during the Medal of Honor ceremony. Illinois is home to an unparalleled fire service. ”

Relatives of the dead firefighters were awarded the “Golden Badge of Death” during the ceremony. This year’s awards:

  • Firefighter / paramedic Michael Pickering of the Chicago Fire Department
  • Fire Mashon Plummer of the Chicago Fire Department
  • Lieutenant Gareth Ramos of the Sterling Fire Department
  • Firefighter Mehdi Murad from the Wabash Fire District

“As firefighters, our members have taken an oath to protect the citizens and property of various Illinois communities. Each of us takes this oath very seriously. Today we honor those who made the last sacrifice in the line of duty. We will never forget them or their families. We also honor those whose actions have gone beyond their official duties, “said Chuck Sullivan, president of the Illinois Associated Firefighters.” The Illinois Association Firefighters (AFFI) is proud to stand with our brothers and sisters and their families on this day and every day. ”

Lieutenant Brian Kulaga of the Cicero Fire Department was awarded this year’s Medal of Honor, one of Illinois State’s highest awards to a firefighter for an act of outstanding bravery or heroism that a firefighter has largely demonstrated personal risk.

Seven firefighters were also awarded the medal “For Courage”. The award is given to an Illinois firefighter for an act of heroism or courage who has clearly demonstrated courage and dedication in the face of danger in the line of duty. Among the recipients:

  • Firefighter / EMT Richard Drabik, Chicago Fire Department
  • Firefighter / Paramedic Colin Furman, Collinsville Fire Department
  • Lieutenant Chad Busick, Danville Fire Department
  • Engineer Jason Milakovic, Evergreen Park Fire Department
  • Lieutenant Adrian Avelar, Sterling Fire Service
  • Firefighter Lucas Pfister, Sterling Fire Department
  • Firefighter Jeff Kimpel, Sterling Fire Department

Fifteen firefighters received the Firefighter Excellence Award for service in the line of duty, demonstrating excellence and professionalism in serving their Illinois compatriots. Among the recipients:

Kalumet Fire Service

Central Fire Service

Central Fire District

Champagne Fire Service

Danville Fire Department

  • Fireman Istan Hoskins

Galesburg Fire Department

  • Captain James Pendergast
  • Firefighter Kyle Harms

Lockport Fire Department

  • Firefighter / paramedic Dustin Vandermeyer
  • Firefighter / paramedic Christopher Isabella

South Holland Fire Service

  • Firefighter / Paramedic Stephen Davey
  • Firefighter / paramedic Alex Heavy
  • Firefighter / paramedic Justin Wenk
  • Firefighter / paramedic Luke DeYang

Sterling Fire Service

  • Lieutenant Gareth Ramos
  • Firefighter Nick Hamer

In addition, twelve units received the Firefighter Excellence Award “Unit Citation” for service in the line of duty, demonstrating excellence, teamwork and professionalism in serving Illinois residents. Among the recipients:

Bensenville County Fire Department, incident № 21-3340

  • Battalion Chief Angel Reyes
  • Lieutenant Nevin Khan
  • Firefighter / paramedic Adam Sachacki
  • Firefighter / Paramedic Andrew Walter
  • Firefighter / paramedic Zach Schneberger
  • Firefighter / paramedic Matteo Valades

Kalumet City Fire Service, incident № 21-4139

  • Captain Tim McGannon
  • Captain. Ron Tenser
  • Engineer Steve Drew
  • Engineer Mike Ball
  • Engineer Aaron Borowski
  • Firefighter Rick Grazer
  • Firefighter Chris Pierce
  • Fire Steve Utah
  • Firefighter Alex James
  • Fireman Cesar Garcia
  • Firefighter Ryan Banks

Kalumet City Fire Service, incident № 21-2470

  • Captain Mike Flanagan
  • Captain Tom Ducup
  • Lieutenant Ryan Hornbeck
  • Engineer Chris Sullivan
  • Engineer Eric Wieser
  • Firefighter Brian Lowry
  • Firefighter Joe Akicic
  • Firefighter Nick Panzchuk
  • Firefighter Mike Peterlin
  • Firefighter Pipenbrink
  • Firefighter Chuck Schultz
  • Firefighter Dan Cornflower

Central Fire Service, incident № 21-1790

  • Lieutenant Robert Smith Jr.
  • Firefighter Jeff Clayboker (Hugh County Fire Brigade Boulder)

Champaign Fire Service, incident № 21-0003629

  • Lieutenant Mike Bailess
  • Engineer William Blaich
  • Firefighter James Rear
  • Lieutenant Jason Rector
  • Engineer Ras Houston
  • Firefighter Paul Doyle
  • Lieutenant Matthew Plutz
  • Engineer Stephen McConkey
  • Lieutenant Chad Pruitt
  • Firefighter Alex Kocher
  • Firefighter Evan Brubaker
  • Lieutenant Bradley Deal
  • Engineer Jeremy Allen
  • Firefighter Justin Kaiser
  • Lieutenant Chip Haake
  • Engineer Cole Hunt
  • Firefighter Eliot Kraft
  • Firefighter Zachary Silence

Chicago Fire Department, incident № 21-006-1733-00

  • Firefighter / EMT David Pay
  • Captain / EMT Robert Fleckenstein
  • Firefighter / paramedic Mario Cerna
  • Firefighter / paramedic Wilfred Rodriguez

Collinsville Fire Department, incident № 21-00057

  • Lieutenant Chris Custens
  • Firefighter / paramedic Jim Wilderman
  • Firefighter / Paramedic Daniel Gulledge
  • Firefighter / paramedic John Canul
  • Firefighter / paramedic Justin Werner
  • Lieutenant Frank Arnold
  • Firefighter Eric Freeman
  • Firefighter David Budget

Danville Fire Service, incident № 21-0002378

  • Captain Sean O’Kane
  • Fireman Caleb Thompson

Evergreen Park Fire Service, incident № 21-2308

  • Captain Frederick Wollinger
  • Acting Lieutenant Andrew Turner
  • Engineer Raymond Fineron
  • Firefighter Austin Kangelozi
  • Firefighter Justin Rankquist
  • Firefighter Michael Murphy
  • Firefighter Thomas Simic
  • Firefighter Robert Williams
  • Firefighter Colin Zofka
  • Firefighter Anthony Schickel
  • Firefighter Larry Whitehorn

Galesburg Fire Service, incident № 0000734

  • Firefighter Anthony McKillip
  • Firefighter Kyle McGee
  • Firefighter Andrew Johnson

South Holland Fire Service, incident № 21-4300104

  • Firefighter Edward Ritz
  • Firefighter / paramedic Eric Kearney
  • Firefighter / Paramedic Tony Braigman
  • Firefighter / paramedic Michael Lampkin
  • Firefighter / Paramedic John Slup (Glenwood Fire Department)
  • Firefighter / Paramedic Steve Pelk (Glenwood Fire Department)

Homer-Sydney Fire Department, incident № 21-0000181

  • Lieutenant Jeremy Richards
  • Firefighter Mike Bran
  • lieutenant. Cory Lily

The State Marshal’s Life Award is given in recognition of the extraordinary efforts made by the people to prevent fires and ensure the safety of life. Three life safety awards were presented. Among the recipients:

  • Anthony Rodkey, Rural Fire Department – Fire Service
  • Scott Johnson, OSFM Personnel- Operations
  • Fred Schneler, OSFM Personnel Administration

The awards presented today recognized the heroic deeds of 2021. Nominations were considered, and the winners were selected by the Illinois Firefighting Committee of Honor.


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