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Graduation dreams come true for free as the organization distributes dresses in Evanston


Evanston, Illinois (CBS) – Some students will soon have the opportunity to go shopping to pick up hundreds of graduation dresses in Evanston for free.

As Jermont Terry of CBS 2 reported Monday night, this is more than just free stuff. Also one less hassle for high school students and their families.

They pulled out some elegant dresses Monday night in the basement of Evanston Women’s Club, at 1702 Chicago Avenue in downtown Evanston.

“I’m excited to take them upstairs and spread them even further in our ballroom,” Dreams Delivered co-chair Bev Hayman said.

“Every girl should feel beautiful,” added Dreams Delivered creator Moyenda Knapp.

Moyenda Knapp launched Dreams Delivered in 2007 just for high school students in Evanston. Then she did not have almost as many shelves as today.

This year the shelves are full of almost 1,000 dresses and accessories. Now any student – not just in Evanston – can take advantage of this Graduation boutique.

“It makes me feel very grateful that the club really accepted the program,” Knapp said. “I’m just grateful to know that there are girls who will need a dress and they will find a place for it here at Evanston Women’s Club through Dreams Delivered.”

“Dreams Delivered are not free dresses, shoes and jewelry,” Hyman added. – It’s about experience.

It’s about the experience of walking around the room and getting rid of the hassle of buying a dress for a big dance. Dresses in the basement will eventually be on display, and the ballroom will become a dream of students.

“They are amazed when they go upstairs and see what awaits them,” Heyman said.

“These are dresses as a gift, so I was surprised that all of these good quality dresses were donated for free,” Lauren Gray added.

In 2017, Gray found her dress at a women’s club through Dreams Delivered, and in 2022 she returned as a donor.

“Like I said, I’m never going to have another prom, and I want someone else to be able to have another prom like mine,” Gray said.

Gray said the dress brought back fond memories for years to come – and now she wants another young lady to go through the same thing.

COVID-19 suspended the distribution of dresses for two years. Now he is back. But when it comes to guys on prom, you won’t find tuxedos.

“We stay in our lane,” Heyman said, adding that the mission is now empowering all students who identify as women.

They plan to continue to make dreams come true for prom.

“They were actually like, you know, my godparents,” Gray said.

The distribution of dresses will begin on Sunday, April 10. To attend, you must make an appointment. To register, follow this link.

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