Has it ever snowed in Chicago on Thanksgiving other than Christmas?

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Dear Tom,

Has Chicago ever had a “white” Thanksgiving but not a “white” Christmas?

Belinda Montgomery

Dear Belinda,

According to Chicago snowfall records dating back to the winter of 1884-1885, 13 of the previous 137 Thanksgivings saw an inch or more of snow on the ground at any time of the holiday, a rate of about 1 in 10. The city’s last white Thanksgiving was 2004, when 4 inches of snow covered the ground on Thanksgiving morning, Nov. 25, after a whopping 4.3 inches of snowfall during the Wednesday evening rush hour. Ten of the city’s 13 white Thanksgivings were followed by a white Christmas; the three exceptions were 1895, 1949, and 2004.


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