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Heard: Depp’s team helped protect his drugs, alcohol WGN Radio 720


from: MATTHEW BARAKAT, Associated Press

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Falls Church, Virginia (AP) – Johnny Depp has surrounded himself to protect him from the effects of drugs and alcohol, his ex-wife Amber Heard testified Thursday.

Hurd was again in the place of witnesses to defend herself against accusations of libel by her ex-husband.

Depp is suing Hurd for libel over an article she wrote in The Washington Post calling herself a “public figure representing domestic violence.” His lawyers claim that the 2018 article was slandered by the article, although it never mentioned his name.

Hurd told the jury about Depp’s photos she had taken since 2013 in which he lost consciousness. She said she took pictures because Depp couldn’t remember what he did when he was drunk, and denied what happened when he was weakened.

“He would not have remembered, or he would have refused. There was no one to support me, ”she said.

Hurd testified that Depp was repeatedly subjected to physical and sexual abuse, usually when he was drunk or under the influence of drugs. Depp denied ever beating her, but Hurd’s lawyers said his denials were not credible in part because he could not remember what he did when he lost consciousness.

Depp said Hurd greatly exaggerates alcohol consumption and tolerates alcohol well. Depp’s friends, family and staff took a stand and supported his assertion.

But Hurd said it’s part of the problem: she said there’s a team around Depp that cleans him up when he’s sick and allows him to go about his business without acknowledging the consequences of his drinking.

Hurd is expected to be all day Thursday at Fairfax County Court.


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