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Herald & Review Almanac for April 6 | Lifestyle


Today’s moment of history:

April 6, 1896 in Athens, Greece, opened the first modern Olympic Games.

In 1862, the Tennessee Civil War began, the Battle of Shiloh, when Confederate forces launched a surprise attack against Union troops who repulsed the Confederates the next day.

In 1864, Louisiana opened a convention in New Orleans to draft a new state constitution that called for the abolition of slavery.

In 1909, American explorers Robert E. Peary and Matthew A. Hanson and four Inuit became the first people to reach the North Pole.

In 1917, the United States entered World War I when the House of Representatives joined the Senate in approving Germany’s declaration of war, which was then signed by President Woodrow Wilson.

In 1943, Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince was first published by Reynolds and Hitchcock in New York.

People also read…

In 1945, during World War II, the Japanese warship Yamata and nine other ships sailed on a deadly mission to attack the U.S. Navy near Okinawa; the fleet was intercepted the next day.

In 1954, Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R. Visino, in response to a statement by CBS journalist Edward R. Maroe against him on “See It Now,” said in notes made for the program that Marou had in the past “engaged in propaganda.” communist goals ”.

In 1968, 41 people died in two consecutive natural gas explosions at a sporting goods store in downtown Richmond, Indiana.

In 1974, the Swedish pop group ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England, performing the song “Waterloo”.

In 2008, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, speaking at a private fundraiser in San Francisco, spoke of voters in the Rusty Belt community in Pennsylvania who “cling to guns or religion” because of bitterness about their economic fortunes. ; Hillary’s rival Democrat Rodham Clinton grabbed the comment, calling it “elitist.”

In 2012, five black people were shot dead in Tulsa, Oklahoma, three deadly; Jake England and Alvin Watts, who confessed to attacking victims because of their race, pleaded guilty to murder and were sentenced to life in prison without parole. The F18 Hornet Navy, whose pilots were forced to catapult, crashed into an exciting fireball at a large residential complex in Virginia Beach, Virginia; miraculously no one died. Fan Lizhi, 76, who was one of China’s most prominent dissidents, has died in Tucson, Arizona. Artist Thomas Kincaid, 54, has died in Monte Serena, California.

In 2014, 93-year-old legendary Hollywood actor Mickey Rooney died in North Hollywood.

In 2017, President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping opened a two-day summit at Trump’s Florida beach resort. Don Rickles, big mouth and bald-headed “Mr. Warmth, ”whose verbal outbursts fell in love with his audience and peers and made him a recognized comedy grandmaster of insults, died at his home in Beverly Hills at the age of 90.

In 2020, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson was transferred to the intensive care unit of a London hospital, where he was treated for COVID-19, after his condition worsened.

In 2021, shifting the deadline by about two weeks, President Joe Biden said that every adult in the U.S. would be eligible for coronavirus vaccination until April 19. The Major League Baseball has announced that the All-Star Game will be held at Coors Field in Denver. ; The game was suspended from Atlanta due to objections to changes to Georgia’s voting laws.

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