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Photo: Edie Parker Flower

Puff, puff, peel
This bowl for waking up and baking is part of a full breakfast. $ 135. edieparkerflower.com

Two electric lighters
Photo: Tetra

Sky High
Light them with an electric lighter: “Flame” is an electric beam that is activated by a button that runs on batteries. $ 25. shop-tetra.com

Tray in the form of a tray for dinner
Photo: Edie Parker Flower

Lunch break
Keep your flowers, paper and workplace in order with this tray. $ 550. edieparkerflower.com

Twisted pipe
Photo: Debbie Carlos

Knotty beauty
The smoke starts swirling on your breaths and exhales when puffing up this twisted tube. $ 80. store.debbiecarlos.com

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