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Hundreds were seen walking down the street, jumping on cars after rolling over from North Avenue Beach; one arrested


CHICAGO (CBS) – One person was arrested on Tuesday night when Chicago police tried to restrain a crowd of hundreds of people who fell off North Avenue beach.

The video, published in the Citizen app, shows large crowds gathering at Shell Station on North Avenue and LaSal Boulevard, at BP Station on LaSal Drive and Clark Street, and at the intersection of North Avenue and Clark Street.

It has been observed that some people jump on cars and at least one driver slips out. Dozens and perhaps hundreds of others were spotted walking in the middle of the street.

A large police presence was also observed at each intersection.

Chicago police said one person was arrested in connection with the incident.

18-year-old Tremain Patterson has been charged with negligence. Police said he was arrested at 11:25 p.m. after “participating in a major altercation” and ignoring orders from officers to disperse, as well as “continuing to try to inflict bodily harm on several individuals.”

Patterson is due to appear in court next month.


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