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Illinois House Committee Advances Bill That Will Require Lifebuoys on Lake Embankment


CHICAGO (CBS) – People who tried to stop drowning in Lake Michigan won a partial victory in Springfield on Wednesday.

A new Illinois House bill that provides for this life rings be installed along the waterfront of the lake, which has just passed through the Social Services Committee of the House of Representatives. Bill HB4165 is also known as the Lake Michigan Rescue Equipment Act.

He will soon go to a vote in the full House of Representatives.

The bill was drafted by Hali Kezada of the Chicago Quay Security Alliance, and the lead sponsor is State Department spokeswoman Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago).

State Sen. Robert Peters (D-Chicago) says they are taking steps to protect families.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe when they go to the beach this summer,” Peters said. “I am pleased that the General Assembly is taking an important step to protect our families visiting the beaches of Lake Michigan.”

Miguel Cisneras drowned on Pratt Pier in Rogers Park last summer. A strong and healthy recent graduate of St. Ignatius College, who received a full course at Columbia University, his death resonated with the public and drew attention to the lack of life rings on the shores of the lake.

Mother of Sisneras, Maria Diazsaid a lifebuoy nearby could have saved her son.

More than 1,000 people have drowned in Lake Michigan since 2010.

The bill is now being sent to the table of Governor J. B. Pritzker.

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