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Jailbreak in Alabama: Here’s What We Know


(NewsNation) – The disappearance of Alabama Correctional Officer Vicki White and her overt plan to help inmate Casey White escape from prison have hypnotized genuine supporters of crime across the country.

The two remain at large, and an active hunt is underway to find their whereabouts as video from surveillance cameras and details of their plan appear.

Here’s what we know about this case:

What happened?

Vicki White has been a longtime assistant director of correctional facilities at the Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Alabama, about 75 miles west of Huntsville.

On Friday, April 29, she went to the remand center, informing colleagues that she was taking inmate Casey White to the courthouse for psychological examination.

The deputy took the prisoner out of the cell and took him to the reservation, where he was handcuffed and his legs were tied.

She plunged him into a police cruiser, and the couple disappeared almost without a trace.

Vicky White was alone with the inmate, which the sheriff said violated departmental policies.

Authorities later learned that Casey White’s mental assessment at the courthouse was never scheduled, and a patrol car was found dumped in an area without a security camera near the detention center.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said video surveillance led authorities to believe “that the patrol car left the detention center and went straight to the parking lot” where she was found.

Singleton also said an arrest warrant had been issued for Vicki White for permission or assistance in escaping.


Vicki White lived 18 miles from Lauderdale County Jail, in a house she sold a few days before her disappearance, well below market value.

According to Sheriff Singleton, Vicki White worked in the department for 17 years and submitted her retirement documents a few days before she went missing.

According to the sheriff, her colleagues in the pre-trial detention center “are in complete distrust and shock that she was involved in something like this.”

Casey Cole White, 38, has been jailed on a charge of manslaughter at Lauderdale County Investigation Center. He was facing the possible death penalty under Alabama law. He has a long rap sheet.

The Marshals Service said Casey was 6 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 260 pounds. He has brown hair brown eyes and a few tattoos.


Detectives are gathering evidence days before the couple disappeared.

New published recordings from CCTV cameras The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department reveals that Vicki White stayed at a hotel in Lauderdale County the night before the couple escaped from prison.

A few days before their disappearance, she also purchased an orange 2007 Ford Edge. This car was parked in the mall parking lot near the hotel.

Authorities say she drove her work car to Lauderdale County Jail this morning when she released Casey and then changed the vehicle after picking him up.

On May 3, the United States Marshals Service published a leaflet with information about a car and two fugitives.

Singleton told local news agencies that law enforcement released a leaflet that was not ready for the public was a mistake. He added that early release prevented their investigation.

Ford was reportedly left the same day the couple went missing, just two hours from the jail from which they escaped in Williamson County, Tennessee. A few days later it was confirmed that this was related to the case.

Reports show that at some point they were trying to paint the car.

There were reports that Vicky was spotted in a department store buying menswear. Working inside This was reported by NewsNation Brian Entin they could not comment.

Others report seeing Vicki at an adult store before she took off. A woman working inside told Entin that her lawyer advised her not to talk about whether Vicki was a client.


The couple is not related, despite the same last name.

However, investigators confirmed this NewsNation that the couple is really a “special relationship”.

According to the Alabama Sheriff, Vicki White was on the phone with Casey White in jail many months before their escape.

Earlier, Singleton said she visited him while he was serving his sentence in another prison, but corrected his statement, saying it was wrong and that they were “contacted by phone.”

Authorities believe Casey White and Vicki White have been in a relationship for two years.


The Bounty Hunter believes that it is only a matter of time before they are caught. However, former colleagues do not feel so strongly.

“Honestly, I don’t think she will be found. She is calculated enough to have thought through the whole thing. She definitely outsmarted the sheriff. She outwitted the prison administrator, ”said Tyson Johnson, a former prison officer.

The U.S. Marshals Service recently published photos takenshowing Casey White’s tattoos as well as how Vicki might look with brown hair and no bangs. They also offer a reward of up to $ 10,000 for information that will lead to their capture.

Investigators say Casey White and Vicki White are believed to be armed and dangerous, carrying a gun and an AR-15 rifle.

Everyone who sees the couple is urged not to approach or follow them, but to call 911 immediately.


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