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Janelle Monáe Stunning in Futuristic Met Gala Look | Lifestyle



Janelle Monáe brought a bit of a future With Galawearing a brilliant image of Ralph Lauren.

The Grammy-nominated singer left her hats at home for a shiny headdress attached to a black and white dress that fits the figure.

“It’s gilded glamor from the future,” Monae told the Associated Press. “I came here from the future.”

Not surprisingly, the singer and songwriter brought to them his commitment to science fiction Monday Met Gala.

Monáe, who recently said they are non-binary, has released a science fiction book called “The Librarian of Memory: Other Stories of a Dirty Computer”. The book unfolds Monae’s afro-futuristic album “Dirty Computer” and shares stories with several other staff members about how different threads from “strangeness, race, gender multiplicity and love – are confused with the future possibilities of memory and time in such a totalitarian landscape.”

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“It’s supporting LGBTQ communities plus through afrofuturism,” Monae Vogue said on the carpet.

When asked how long it took their eyes to gather, Monet raised two fingers: “Two minutes.”

As an artist, Mona said they enjoy working with the team to create a glamorous look for the night.

“I’m still in art school,” Monae told Vogue.

For more information on the Met Gala from the AP: https://apnews.com/hub/met-gala.

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