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Joe Donlan of CBS 2 goes out on the mound before the Chicago White Sox game on Wednesday


CHICAGO (CBS) – When Joe Donlan of CBS 2 received a call to cancel his first serve at the White Sox on Wednesday, he needed a little practice.

So he headed to Daley Plaza with Jim Williams of CBS 2. Colleague Tom Schneke pulled out a roulette wheel.

“Sixty right here. Yes, sir. We need another six inches.”

That’s right, 60 feet, six inches, the distance between the jug mound and the home plate. Luvsha Joe Donlan was ready to go.

Although Williams said he didn’t remind anyone of Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench, he said he worked as Joe prepared for his first game before the Sox game on Wednesday.

He had done it before, four years ago, but like any pitcher, he still needed to warm up. Safe.

“The last thing the boss said was,‘ Don’t break anything. That’s including your teeth, Jim, ”Williams said.

Donlon decided to model the mound of the jug, so moved to the base of the Picasso sculpture.

“You can only imagine how deceptive it is when you get on this mound. You’re much higher than the ground than you think,” Donlan said.

Soon Joe Donlan found his groove.

“That’s it. Nice. That was good.”

Williams asked if the practice helped. “I can’t imagine it without it.”


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