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Kevin Hart says the beating of Chapel’s striker “must happen” is the deadline


Kevin Hart appreciated the obvious beating of the man by the guards who fought Dave Chapel on stage at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night, telling Jimmy Kimmel live invited presenter Mike Birbilla last night: “It’s one of those things that was supposed to happen.”

Viral photos of a 23-year-old boy Isaiah Lee (see below) show the beaten and swollen face of the suspect and his outstretched, possibly broken arm, when he was loaded into an ambulance after the Bowl incident. Brother Lee told Rolling Stone that Lee, who carried a copy of the gun with a knife during Chapelle’s attack, is homeless and struggling with mental illness.

Whether Hart was aware of Lee’s difficulties was unclear. On Kimel Last night he said, “Someone ran on stage and yelled in the ass … It’s one of those things that should have happened.” (See Hart’s interview above.)

Hart continued, “Do you want people to keep thinking they can cross that line and break the entertainer barrier and [audience]? Someone who has been beaten in the ass sends a message to other people that was like, “I thought I’d do it, but seeing it, I don’t really want to do it.”

“I think there are a lot of facets in the world we’re in right now that have become blurred, and sometimes you need to take a lot of steps back to take a step forward,” Hart said, adding. “I think it’s time to go back to the place of respect for your artist and understand that you’re coming to the show.”

Hart made no mention of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock on stage at this year’s Oscars. After the attack, Smith was not removed by Oscar guards.

Little is known about the suspect’s motives, but Chapelle’s joke on stage that he is a “trans man” has been challenged by Lee’s brother and many people in the trans community. One is very common tweet said, “If you think I’ll feel sorry for this transphobe Dave Chapelplease don’t. The moment the guards protect him from the attack, he immediately jokes that it was transgender (it wasn’t) – but it’s clear that he will continue to target transgender people no matter what. “

Lee charges were brought with four counts of Los Angeles County attorneys who refused to prosecute. Criminal offenses include beatings, possession of a weapon with intent to attack, unauthorized access to the stage during a performance, and the commission of an act that prolongs the event or obstructs the performer.


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