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Labor Agency: Complaints to Amazon Trade Union Meeting Have Merit WGN Radio 720


NEW YORK (AP) – The National Labor Council has upheld a union’s allegation that Amazon violated labor laws in New York’s Staten Island by holding mandatory workers’ meetings to persuade its employees not to join the union.

The Labor Council has in the past allowed employees to schedule meetings commonly held at companies such as Amazon and Starbucks during trade union rallies.

But in a note sent to the agency’s field offices last month, NLRB General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo said she believes meetings, often referred to as “meetings with audiences in captivity”, run counter to labor laws and would seek to outlaw them. .

The agency’s determination was summed up Friday with a lawyer representing the Amazon Labor Union, who filed charges on the eve of the first successful U.S. organization in the retail giant’s history.

Attorney Seth Goldstein called it a “great victory.”

“These meetings have been legal for over 70 years,” an Amazon spokesman said. “Like many other campaigns, we hold these meetings with our employees because it is important that everyone understands the facts of union membership and the election process itself.”

An NLRB spokesman said the agency would file a complaint against Amazon if the retailer did not agree to a settlement. If the campaign is not reached, a complaint will be filed in an administrative court in which both parties can hear the case.

Bloomberg News was the first to report on the agency’s determination.

The agency also credited the union with accusing the company of showing workers they could be fired if they voted to join the union, and threatened to cut off payments if they wanted to, according to an e-mail from Matt Jackson, a lawyer. from the NLRB field office in Brooklyn.

“These allegations are false, and we look forward to demonstrating this through the process,” said Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel.

The Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store unions, a union that ran a separate organization in Alabama, also filed a complaint against mandatory meetings.

The e-commerce giant has objected to the union election, which led to a labor victory, claiming that the organizers and the agency’s regional office in Brooklyn acted in a way that spoiled the vote. A hearing on his claims is scheduled for the end of this month.

The union lost another election earlier this week to another Amazon warehouse in Staten Island.


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