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Leaked draft Supreme Court ruling overturns Rowe v. Wade jeopardizes marriage equality and other rights

CHICAGO (WLS) – If the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs Women’s Health Organization v. Jackson is the same or close to leaking a draft opinion authored by Judge Samuel Alita, it will not just overturn Rowe v. Wade, it will also seriously jeopardize rights such as equality of marriage.

Marriage for same-sex couples became Illinois law in 2013, two years before the U.S. Supreme Court granted and recognized equal marriages in all states.

“The draft Alita report states that we intend to recognize only those rights that have existed for a long time and are part of the country’s history,” said Jonathan Mazur, a professor of law at the University of Chicago.

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Mazur said equality in marriage is likely to be next at the coffee shop because he shares the same 14th Amendment privacy protections as Rowe v. Wade.

“There is no case yet, but it will not take long before someone, or most likely the state or local government, to start such a case,” he said.

LGBTQ + human rights groups are preparing for such an opportunity.

“Here in Illinois, we’re safe, we can’t ease the vigilance and make sure we’re sending the right people to Washington, and we’re making sure our voice is heard,” said Moni Ruiz-Welsaka of Equality Illinois.

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Equality Illinois said federal law is key to protecting equality in marriages in the United States.

“Congress could pass a bill, like Illinois, to make same-sex marriage a law of the country, no matter what the Supreme Court says,” Ruiz-Velasca said.

LGBTQIA + groups also noted that if the Supreme Court overturns equality in marriage, it will be very unpopular. According to a 2021 Gallup poll, 70% of Americans support same-sex marriage, which is 10% higher than in the year the Supreme Court ruled in its favor. And for the first time, 55% of Republicans support it.

To fight for equality in marriage and the right to abortion, Equality Illinois will join forces with Planned Parenthood, Women’s March and other groups to hold a large demonstration in Chicago on May 14th. It is expected to begin with a rally in Millennium Park and end with a march on the Loop.

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