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Leva Land ”and“ XSCAPE / SWV ”- Deadline


Bravo has the green light for three new series without a script, including Real girlfriends in Paris, Southern Charm: The Land of the Lionand XSCAPE / SWVthat was discovered on Thursday.

Details of each project can be found below.

Real girlfriends in Paris Premiere Fall 2022

Producer Goodbye Pictures, executive producers are Rich Bay, Rachel Tenion, Barry Bernstein. Jennifer Stender, Chris Heather and Molly Minard act as co-producing producers.

Six brave American women in their twenties are packing their bags to embark on an exciting international adventure, living in the most beautiful city in the world: Paris! Being in the city of lights, they find each other, meet romantic dates and accept all the spontaneity that comes with life in a new exciting city. Always looking for a good time, women find themselves in an unusually rich moment in their lives, when the opportunities for true love, unceasing passion and lifelong friendships are endless.

Southern Charm: The Land of the Lion (working title) Premiere Fall 2022

Produced by Haymaker East with Aaron Rothman, Josh Halpert, Bill Langworthy, Left Bonaparte and Lamar Bonaparte as executive producers. Jesse Light acts as a co-executive producer.

The series is about the life of a dynamic social group of friends who live in Charleston, Carl, and work together. In “Leva Land” there is never a sad day with the staff of the Republic Garden & Lounge and their head Leva Bonaparte with Southern charm. Leva owns four restaurants on the hottest street in the city, and the Republic is the pearl of her kingdom.

XSCAPE / SWV (working title) Premiere Winter 2022

Produced by Monami Productions with Mona Scott-Young, Stephanie R. Gale and Michael Lang as executive producers. Latocha Scott-Beowens, Candy Barrus, Cheryl “Coco” Gamble, Tameka “Secrets” Harris, Tamara Johnson-George, Leanne “Lelly” Lyons and Tamika Scott also act as executive producers.

After their epic performance, Verzuz ladies Xscape and SWV reunite to prepare for a show that promises to resume their music careers. Much is at stake for these powerful women as they go through different stages of their lives, both personally and professionally. From celebrating the power of collaboration and sisterhood to overcoming obstacles, there’s no shortage of surprises when you watch as two of the most iconic women’s R&B bands of the 90s come together for this multi-series limited series.


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